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on demand movie keeps freezing up

The movie I am attempting to watch on demand keeps freezing.  When I pressed  stop and  play, the movie started completely over.  I attempted to fast forward to the part where it froze, but then it froze again and would do anything. I finally just stopped it and started over.   Any suggestions?   


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Re: on demand movie keeps freezing up

unplug the box and plug it back in to reset it.  If that does not fix it call comast and have a reset sent, if that does not work call and get a tech out.  if your viewing is interruped dont go back to the show go to saved programs on demand and it will start where you left off.

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Re: on demand movie keeps freezing up


Thank You
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Re: on demand movie keeps freezing up

mine has been freezing for the last two days...did the reset work?