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Error 14 when trying to use on demand

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Error 14 when trying to use on demand

This has been an ongoing issue for nearly 2 years.


I would get error 14 or just some generic "an error has occured" with no explanation message when trying to access a show on demand.


Several signal resets later, tech support FINALLY sent a tech to my home. He suggested that the problem was with the attic cable because the cable coming to the house was RG6 and the cable from the wall to the box is RG6 but the cable in the attic was RG59.


I said ok go ahead and run cable. He told me that he COULDN'T do that but that customer service could set it up for $90 per hour and a minimum of 2 billable hours.


I run cable for a living and have a spool of RG6 in the next room. I ran a straight run of cable from the outside box to the single wall jack I need working. No splitters. No repeaters. One single run of cable from outside to my TV. This fixed the problem.


Last week, I started having the problem again. I called and spoke to tech support and they sent a refresh signal. No joy so I set up an appointment. Before the appointment, I checked and it was working so I cancelled the appointment. Later that day the error came back.


This morning, I swapped boxes at my local Comcast office. I hooked up the new box, turned it on and left the house for 3 hours.When I came home, I tried to get into on demand and the error 14 message still came up.


I called tech support and they sent what the guy claimed to be a BETTER refresh signal to my box.


He said to wait 45 minutes and try it again. An hour later, I tried it again and I'm still getting the error.


I know it isn't equipment because this is at least the 3rd if not 4th box this has happened on. I know it isn't cable because all the cable is RG6 and brand new on my end (when I reran the cable, I replaced the wall to box cable just because I could).


I have someone scheduled to come out sometime Tuesday morning but I have friends coming over tomorrow for a cookout and to catch up on some shows. I had the shows recorded on my old box but I swapped it out this morning.


Seems like after 2 years Comcast should be able to figure out how to fix this error without making me wait several days for a tech to tell me he doesn't know what the problem is.

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Re: Error 14 when trying to use on demand

I feel your pain.  I haven't been going through this for 2 years but we have had periodic on demand outages since we subscribed to the service a few months ago.  We received the "error 14" message for the first time this week.

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Re: Error 14 when trying to use on demand

Well, after posting this, I replaced the connector where the cable came out of the ground and connected to my house and that fixed the problem so I was able to use on demand the next day.


I never got a call back from a supervisor at Comcast despite his promise that he would call me back after speaking to the local tech supervisor to tell me when someone could come out. That conversation  happened on Saturday evening.


The next time I heard from Comcast at all was Tuesday morning when they called to confirm the appointment. A tech showed up, saw that the service was working and figured he didn't have to do anything but "test" it.


After testing (starting and stopping a few on demand shows) and making a possibly racist comment (my dog started growling and barking which he doesn't do and the tech suggested that he wasn't used to "dark meat"), he went to check the connection that I replaced.


He insisted that my connector wasn't good enough (even though it fixwd the problem) and that it had to be replaced with a grounded connector. Ok fine. He replaced it and left. I had to go to work and when I got back, my on demand was back to not working.


I called and was a bit unpleasant and demanded that a tech come out and fix it immediately. A little while later, the same tech called back and asked what error I was getting. I told him and he said "I've never heard of that one before." I suggested he find a tech who had "heard" of it before and switch calls.


3 hours later, a different tech arrived. Apparently, he is the "senior" tech in the area and the guy from earlier was fresh out of training. He re ran cable from the tap to the house and all the levels evened out on his tests and everything has worked since. It only took all day but I ended up getting about $75 in credits out of Comcast for my troubles.


I still can't believe that the problem had been stumping them for two years and they sent brand new out to fix it...