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Xfinity Stream TV

Comcast is focused on creating the best entertainment experiences across platforms and continuing to give XFINITY TV customers more choice in how, when and where they access their content. In keeping with these goals, Comcast will rebrand the XFINITY TV app and portal to the XFINITY Stream app and portal on February 28.


Customers who have the latest version of the XFINITY TV app installed on their devices will notice the transition to XFINITY Stream through an app update. Portal users can access the new experience at





Frequently Asked Questions:


How is the XFINITY Stream app different from the XFINITY TV app? Isn't this just a rebrand of your existing app?


While the XFINITY Stream app will have many of the existing features and functionality of the XFINITY TV app, we've recently updated the backend infrastructure resulting in improved video quality and faster download speeds.



What features are changing from XFINITY TV app and portal to XFINITY Stream?


With XFINITY Stream, customers will continue to have all features available with the XFINITY TV app and portal today. The app allows customers to watch their entire TV line-up and On Demand catalog on phones, tablets and laptops in the home. When they're on-the-go, they can tune in to more than 200 live channels, access and program their DVR (X1 Cloud customers only) and watch more than 40,000 on demand titles.



How much does the XFINITY Stream app cost?


The XFINITY Stream app and web portal is available to all XFINITY TV customers at no additional cost.



Do all XFINITY TV customers have access to this app?


Yes, the XFINITY Stream app is available to all XFINITY TV customers, though customers whose subscription does not include XFINITY X1 DVR service will not have cloud DVR functionality. Note: XFINITY TV single play customers will be limited to TV Everywhere programming in and out of the home since in-home streaming requires an XFINITY gateway.



Does the XFINITY Stream app use data from my XFINITY Internet monthly data usage allowance?


When you are in your home connected to your in-home XFINITY network, content delivered to the XFINITY Stream app is an in-home cable service delivered over Comcast's managed cable network, not over the Internet, and will not be counted towards your XFINITY Internet monthly data usage. If you watch any TV Everywhere programming through the XFINITY Stream app, out of your home, that programming is delivered over an Internet or mobile connection and would count towards any usage thresholds that might apply.



Why are the content choices different in and out of the home?


While in the home, content is delivered as a cable service over Comcast's network, and includes the customer's full channel lineup and on demand choices. The ability to watch certain content outside the home is not always available due to contracts with programmers. However, over the past two years, we have gone from 50 live TV channels being available over the Internet to more than 200, and we continue to try to expand that offering.



In 2015, you announced a product called Stream TV that enables access to select channels on devices in the home. Is this the same thing?


No. Stream TV is a standalone product offering currently available in Boston and Chicago. We plan to deploy it nationally soon. Note: When available across the footprint, (old) Stream TV customers will access their service through the new XFINITY Stream app.



Does this mean the old Stream TV is going away?


No, we still believe there is a demand for this product for customers who do not currently have cable service, may not have a television and who consume most of their content on a laptop, tablet or mobile device and prefer to get their video without a TV box.

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Re: Xfinity Stream TV

So you've launched  a straming service that doesn't let users stream video on demand... how is this good for customers?

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Re: Xfinity Stream TV

RakeshMalik wrote:

So you've launched  a straming service that doesn't let users stream video on demand... how is this good for customers?

I answered this question in another thread. Please let me know if you have follow-up questions.


Summary: you need to subscribe to the network to be able to watch the content on that network.