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Videos wont play

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Videos wont play

This is happening to all of my subscriber videos for a couple of days.


The error message I am getting is

Sorry, we've experienced some difficulty playing your video.

Please refresh this page in your browser to try again.

(Error 900|101000.101002.101006)


The initial ad will start for about 4 seconds and then switch to the above message






My Device Information

My Zip Code:19609My Cable Provider:Not InstalledUse Dac:FalseMy Conroller ID:115My Map ID:17My Persona ID:15930My myDVR Manager Status:ActivatedMy Set Top Box Names:Basement, DVR 3My Queue setup:TrueFacebook Queue Syncing:FalseFacebook Connect:FalseMy public IP address: operating system:Windows - UndefinedMy web browser:Chrome 27 - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, Like Gecko) Chrome/27.0.1453.116 Safari/537.36My system typeesktop Computer Or Other DeviceMy Silverlight version:5.1.20125.0My Flash version:11.7.700Javascript:Enabled Cookies:Enabled (1825 Bytes).
Time Information

My Clock Time:Wed Jun 19 2013 20:08:32 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)Server Clock Time:Wed Jun 19 2013 20:08:07 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
My Account Information

In Home Authenticated:FalsePrimary Account:TrueProvider Codes:S, Du, Cy, Fk, Ep, Eq, Hc, Dm, Cq, Hb, Eu, Ey, Ee, Fm, U, Gz, Fc, Eh, Bt, Ca, Gi, Bw, Gf, Bu, By, Em, Ax, Bs, At, Bl, Gd, Fo, Bp, Gw, Gr, Cw, K, Dg, J, Dt, Bn, Ha, Bi, Bj, Ce, Ez, Dx, Gk, Fd, Do, Fy, Is, Au, Ed, B, Go, Dj, De, Ei, H, Fa, Ci, A, Fx, Gq, Cp, Ge, Ea, Cb, E, Eb, Bz, Co, Gh, Ir, Dp, Gg, Gl, Dh, F, M, En, Gp, Cd, Cf, Fb, Ar, Cg, Df, Cu, Cz, Br, Fe, Ga, Fw, Fz, Bx, Dw, Bb, Bc, Fn, Ff, Dv, Ct, Cs, Et, Cv, Gv, Fr, Db, Dr, Bm, Bk, Er, Fv, Dy, Bo, Dn, Bq, Gy, G, Aw, Dc, Dd, Da, Im, Fq, Fl, Gs, Bv, El, Di, Fu, Cx, Dq, Cm, Fp, Ds, Eo, Gx, D, Y, Es, Gj, Ev, Ht, Fj, Cn, Ch, Gb, Eg, CcInternet Subscriber:TrueCable TV Subscriber:TrueVoice Subscriber:False

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Re: Videos wont play

I'm getting the same error.  it appears that I can watch live chanels but nothing streaming.

(Error 900|101000.101002.101005)

trying to watch:


My Device Information My Zip Code: Unknown My Cable Provider: Unknown Use Dac: true My Conroller ID: 40 My Map ID: 29 My Persona ID: 5035 My myDVR Manager Status: Not Installed My Set Top Box Names: Not Installed My Queue setup: false Facebook Queue Syncing: false Facebook Connect: false My public IP address: My operating system: Windows - rv:21.0 My web browser: Firefox 21 - Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:21.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/21.0 My system type: Desktop computer or other device My Silverlight version: 5.1.20125.0 My Flash version: 11.7.700 Javascript: enabled Cookies: Enabled (2033 Bytes). Time Information My Clock Time: Thu Jun 20 2013 11:22:08 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time) Server Clock Time: Thu Jun 20 2013 11:21:43 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time)
My Account Information In Home Authenticated: false Primary Account: true Provider Codes: dm, eh, bw, at, bl, gr, k, dg, bn, is, b, de, ci, a, cb, gl, cd, df, dy, bv, di, cx, ds, gx, d, cc Internet Subscriber: true Cable TV Subscriber: true Voice Subscriber: false
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Re: Videos wont play

I am now getting both the following error messages with the same results/outcome.

Error900|101000.101004.101005 and Error900|101000.101004.101006


Online is essentially the only way that I watch tv anymore, so I am paying a lot of money for a service that just flat out isnt working and hasnt been for weeks. Yet my bill remains the same...

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Re: Videos wont play

I'm having the same problems. i starting to wonder why I keep paying for their service with so many errors

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Re: Videos wont play

I am getting the same error... The initial post for this has been up for a few days now. I think all of us customers would like a response. I only watch online and deeealing with the customer service is more frustrating than banging my head against a brick wall. 

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Re: Videos wont play

Same thing is happening to me, all of a sudden videos won't load, but I do still hear the audio.

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Re: Videos wont play

Does Comcast or Xfinity respond to these forums? Why do we post messages here?

New Poster

Re: Videos wont play

Seriously browncathy!  I haven't been able to watch anything on my computer for over four days - I've tried three different browsers and get the same results?  Hello - anyone from comcast out there?  

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Re: Videos wont play

I'm having the same problems too, and the sad reality is 1) Comcast doesn't appear to check these forums and 2) i really honestly seriously do not have the time to sit with Comcast Cust Serv for over 2 hours to attempt to identify this being a problem on my end.



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Re: Videos wont play

Comcast reps rarely respond in these forums, just other customers trying to help.

Videos not playing is a computer issue, not a comcast issue.

The only help someone can offer is basic troubleshooting techniques.

Try another browser,empty the cache, update flash, update silverlight.


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