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Too Many Databases

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Too Many Databases

I think Comcast is really starting to come up with some good product. I know the video world is really evolving, and I do have to compliment you on the approaches you are taking.


While you are developing rather interesting mobile apps, I do find a major shortcoming being that they are all reading from different databases in order to give broadcast schedules, descriptions, and such. I have a whopping one DVRs in the house, and have the Xfinity Remote and the recently-added What's On apps on my iPod. As handy as each device or app is, the fact that they routinely have different data about any one day or time slot is really somewhat embarrassing and undercuts the otherwise strong efforts of the teams involved. It's rather sad to find one description for a program slot on the Guide for the DVR, then get a notification something else is on from the What's On app (which is a fantastic addition to the app line!), bring up the Xfinity remote to schedule recording the show, only to find there is yet a third description for the time slot there or, even worse, find it says "Title Unavailable." When these things happen, it negates all the positives from attempting to make your video product more visible, more friendly, and more useful to your customer base.


Either all three products are drawing schedule data from different places, or there is a very bad propagation problem between databases. Either reduce the number of cloned databases, refresh them more often, or pull datasets more frequently to the apps. I only pay attention to a few channels, and yet I can find multiple instances of this on a daily basis - this is not an isolated incident!


I'm not saying this to be ugly, but when you put that much effort into showing how forward thinking you are, don't shoot yourself in the foot by going out of your way to show how disfunctional you are on your back end systems. I know the app developers want things to be more responsive, but if they aren't fetching current data, journaling to know when new data is available with minimal impact, or even sharing data across multiple apps on the smart device, then the inconsistencies only raise dissatisfaction instead of improving the experience.


Just food for thought from someone who wants all your stuff to work, but is repeatedly thwarted by your dangling good stuff in front of me, only to take it away a few clicks later.


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Re: Too Many Databases

the programming comes based on the zip code you have set in your device make sure you have the right zip code set in each one, looks like you dont as when I access the listings in the mobile apps and tv and pc they are all the same.

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Re: Too Many Databases

Everything is perfectly matched. That seriously is not the issue. All three things even  know they're talking to the same DVR in the same city. They even correct themselves - sometimes to a point of over-correcting themselves to disagree in different ways. The app that is the most wrong most often is the Xfinity Remote, which has no zip code setting, connects directly to your DVR, and yet has many significant errors in what is displayed.





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Re: Too Many Databases

to access the zip code in the remote app, press the more button on the bottom of the screen,  then go to settings, then channel line up, there is your setting for zip code.  

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Re: Too Many Databases

It's set right.


Look, I appreciate your wanting to drive your post count up by responding as quickly as possible. I can further appreciate that not wanting to have a question out there without an answer is an admirable quality, even if the answer is wrong, knee jerk, lacking any research, or consideration that the facts stated are true. All admirable qualities indeed. Helpful? No - not to the customer, nor to the product development team. However, I do appreciate you for wanting to try.


I wish you luck in reaching the status of Gold Problem Solver. I do wish there were more consideration to making sure some good input made its way back to the product development team instead of going out of the way to mask it. I said these were good efforts for offering expanded functionality to the customer. I have told my friends for years now that the video space is going to be radically redefining itself over the next few years, and the role of the cable operator is going to change in huge, huge ways. I think the development folks at Comcast are thinking of new ways for their service to be useful, and are coming up with some great ideas. It is only the clash between functionality and data that is standing between them  and some very worthy offerings. I simply wanted to pass that information along, as I know others who have the same issues, but they lack the decades of software development experience I have to really understand what's happening before them:  to them, it is simply something very broken, and often not to be tried again. That's a sad loss for Comcast, and it reflects badly on the application developers when it may well not be their fault at all. Someone ought to let them know that, when you get outside the lab, this stuff breaks down when used against live data on the live system. I was simply trying to be helpful. These reponses seem to indicate that's just not really very much appreciated at Comcast. Such is life.


I sincerely wish you the best of luck in furthering your post count.


Silver Problem Solver

Re: Too Many Databases

.I could care less about further post count, this is a user to user forum, all I can tell you that across all my platforms my tv listing is the same so something is wrong with something on your end or your account.


goog luck to you.  I am out.



Customer Expert

Re: Too Many Databases

JohnJ9, I've brought your suggestions to the attention of the forum administrators. I hope they will pass them on the development teams. Thank you. 

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