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DVD picture is red

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DVD picture is red

I recently switched to Xfinity.  The technician that installed the boxes forgot to set up the DVD in my bedroom.  I tried several times to hook it back up and then decided to order a new RGB cable.  I set everything up exactly the same as the DVD in my family room but the picture is still red and grainy.  When a try to watch a movie the picture is like black & white but with a red hue (everything is red, the back ground, the people etc).  The movie also  has CC on it.  I have tried several things using the remote for the TV but the CC comes back every time...Can someone help me with this.  Thanks, Marla  (frustrated!)

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Re: DVD picture is red

Comcast does not set up non comcast equipment to your TV. 

It sounds like you have connected the composit (RWY) to the component input.

That may or may not work depending on the TV. The R&W are the sound, the Y is the video. 

If the TV does not have RWY, then try connecting to RW and the Green.

Using the coax is another option.

Use your TV remote to select the input you have chosen, and the DVD remote to play and control the CC.

If you provide model numbers of the DVD and TV, I can give you exact instructions.