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Comcast does not offer this list of subscribed only listing for the following reason!

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Comcast does not offer this list of subscribed only listing for the following reason!

Dear Frustrated Comcast Customers, And Comcast Management/CTO


I am going to take my time to write our what I found out in the past few days or should I say years of frustration.  So, I hope some Comcast Managers will at least take his or her time to read through this post and get something done to help save time for your customers.  


This may not get posted but worth my trial so we can convince Comcast to help save a vast amount of wasted time for their customers who has to go through the process of accessing every channel and found that they are NOT subscribed and so on.  If you add up the wasted time across America, someone will figure out how much time it will be and showed how wastful Comcast is. Great if we can charge this time back and get credit from Comcast!


I have spent several days and multiple of LONG calls with overseas' reps and local 2nd tier reps on thie following subjects.  First of all, I am not affliate or employ by any cable or wireless companies.  Just want to do my share to help create a better World and a competitive America for the current market place.


1.  My Channel Listing that I subscribed:


1a.  I tried to get this from my login page and there is none.  Reps confirmed this.  

1b.  I tried to get them to send me a listing of channels that I subscribed so I can at least print it out and give it to my family members.  The out source Rep said she can and did sent me a general listing/s that gives channels of difference packages and this is a huge table listing.  I tried to copy just the listing from this column that listed my subscribed package and could not.  I have to copy the entire document and hoping to do a final cut and paste and just keep the package that I subscribed.  But the pasted version is all messed up and useless unless you retype the information.  So, no helping here.

1c.  The packages given on the table listing does not provide additional subscription (premium channels) that I have added to the basic subscription.  Therefore, my dream and wish of generating my own Channel Listing is not possible or made easier.  I gave up by now basically.


2.  The Remote Guide - a dinasaur by today's standard:


2a.  This remote still has a 30 or 40 year old technology and still can only search by Channel numbers. Other competitor - (DN) - offer a slightly smarter unit that you can search by name of station and program (need to doubled verifed).

2b.  I know there is an app called Xfinity TV but it stilll does not let you search by name of station but I was able to search by name of program.  But I have to get to another device like my cell, tablet or PC to do that and not from the remote.  

2c.  Will someone please combine the search technology of the Android or smart phone and turn it into an intellegent remote for Comcast or DN, et.  Yes, make it some you can only access your own subscribed channels - how?  Not sure unless Comcast make it easier and publish your listing on your site or you can make up your own Favorite listing after going through the LONG listing one at a time and first find out if you are entitle to that channel and then select it - yes, one at a time but you can at least refer to the package listing to speed this up.


3.  Why does Comcast not let us have My Listing (only) available?


3a.  The rep finally told me what I or you had in our minds.  It is because Comcast always want you to look at other channels and programs that you have not yet subscribed and so Comcast software and hardware was told to remain obsolete and useless by today's standard in favor of marketing and sales potentials.

3b.  I did asked the 2nd Tier Rep in the US to communicate to their management that it is wasteful and non-productive to make all customer's going through channel by channels - most of us and most of the time.  I requested that the following system should be reviewed and they are adopted by Comcast competitor - DN.   Why not have the remote programmed to show:  All Channels, My Channels, HD Channels, New or Advanced Channels.....  I will even agree that the default listing can be All Channels until the customer switch to My Channels!

4b.  Just have to bring this up as I too spent much time at Home Depot trying to find certain small items on their store shelves.  It is very easy for them to provide a kiosk or Display terminal to show where each item category is located within the store.  Why not?  Simply they also want you to walk around the entire store looking for what you want and finding other stuffs that you are not coming to buy and bought these too.  I can may be justified that as I do not need to pay Home Depot for the programming like I do for Comcast.  We should be given the ability to have our own selection and preference!


There are other things that I wish Comcast can improved but I got to go and they can always find me or email me from our account if they want me to help.  FYI, I once volunteered my time and travel to spent 3 hours with the management of 4 VPs/engineers/marketing manager at the Ofoto Headquarters to help them with their website and technologies so they were bought by Kodak which is now Shutterfly.  Too late when the technology is outdated and too back behind.  


Good bye, good people and have a Happy Holiday season.




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Re: Comcast does not offer this list of subscribed only listing for the following rea

Hey Mike,

I'm new at Comcast and before asking them the same thing, saw your posting.

It is really ridiculous that they do not offer this. But I might have found a trick (not the best, but make the job)....

Go to the listing (http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv-listings#), there select the "Change Location" and input your ZIP code (even if it was already right). A new window will pop-up asking you to select the "Service Area" - do so.

On the right of this window, there will be the full programming for the service area.

Now, go to http://www.comcast.com/  --> Programming --> Channel Line Up and select your plan.


Make a comparison with the Service Area list and select your only channels.


Is this nice? No, far to be, but at least work.



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