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Choppy & skipping videos

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Choppy & skipping videos

I watched the first two episodes of Band of Brothers in celebration of Memorial Day.  But when I went to watch episode 3, the intro loads perfectly and the rest of it is choppy and skipping through parts like when a CD or DVD is scratched.  After this, every movie or show I watched was choppy.  I've used IE and Chrome, other than Shockwave crashing every 20 minutes or so, I've not had much problem before.


My Tobshiba is only 7 months old, so I know it isn't because of the computer.  Please help.

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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Had this same exact issue today as well.  Episode 1 and 2 are fine, but 3 is extremely chopped.

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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Skipped over Episode 3 and watched episode 4 which had a strange issue similar to if it had to buffer repeatedly, but not really buffering, just repeatedly froze for a second, played for a few seconds, then froze for a second then freeze for a few then play fine for a few minutes before starting again.


Episode 5 ran perfectly fine.


Episode 6 though is now doing the same thing as ep. 3 where starting around 5:55 it skips 4-5 seconds at a time in a strange fast forward motion.



What is even worse is how little the comcast support is even paying attention to this service.  There are numerous issues being reported on this forum and the only two people from comcast who seem to reply don't get on it for a week at a time.  Suggesting a better issue report system (i.e. ticket system) rather than a forum for this service. 


It seems extremely strange that with competition like netflix and hulu that provide consistent quality to their streaming, comcast isn't stepping up to meet them with this part of their service; a service that was highly advertised as such an awesome and amazing deal.  Just disappointing...

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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

It's okay Comcast... I found a better service to stream my show. 


Good thing I pay the extra $20/month for Netflix and Hulu, and I'm really glad HBO GO works with my comcast account... otherwise, who knows when I would've gotten to watch my shows here...





Re: Choppy & skipping videos

You aren't alone.


We're going on 5 or 6 months with choppy playback on stuff.  I haven't been able to watch a show all the way through since I don't know when. 



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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

I also experience videos stopping and starting as if it can't buffer properly.


I can use other streaming services just fine on the same computer.


Just another example of a big monopoly getting away with ripping off their customers with poor service.

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Re: Choppy & skipping videos


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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Any Comcast employees care to give us some feedback?  I pay for this service, yet can't seem to get any support.


I can stream HD video just fine, but not Xfinity streaming video...why?


I tested to ensure it wasn't wireless by connecting wired.  I tried both Firefox and IE.  I gave the Comcast service unlimited storage through flash, but am at a loss as to what to try next.


I've used Hulu, Netflix, and other services just fine.  Why is Comcast stuttering playback?


I have no extra router inbetween; only the Comcast modem/firewall.


Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Agreed.  I really would like an answer on this.


While trying to watch "Falling Skies" the other night on my computer, it didn't skip as much but got stuck half-way through on an ad for 'Rizzoli and Isles' DVD release.  Several retries and restarts later, it wouldn't get past that. 


I tried Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


I took out my iPad1 (Wifi) and was able to watch the whole episode.


Aside from the obvious answer that it's less to stream to the iPad, why would 3 year old iPad, over Wifi work better than a 9 month old 27" iMac with 16GB of RAM, wired and showing top speeds in a speed test?


Comcast: please answer.


I recently asked someone about a problem I had on an app for my phone.  I sent an email, got a response the same day, sent them some information and they found the problem in less than 24 hours.  This is one guy.....why can't Comcast do the same?


Re: Choppy & skipping videos



As a service expert, please review this whole post and provide a response.


I have yet to see anything in any forum that Comcast is even looking at this.

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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Zone99, I wish I could give you some feedback about this issue. Unfortunately I cannot. I am as clueless as you are about this issue.


Despite the misleading appearance, this is a customer to customer forum that's now no longer monitored by Comcast, so you're not really talking to them here. There is a chance that an employee will respond. But don't count on it.


This thread was started a little over a 3 weeks ago, which is plenty of time for one to respond.


My signature appears in every post I make EXCEPT for moved post placeholders. Just in case you have set up signatures not show here it is


Comcast employees must be authorized to post in the forum in an official capacity. Employees posting here have their names in red and are designated as employees. Names not in red are customers.


I am a Comcast customer, just as you are.


I much prefer being a customer because that means I do not have to toe/tow the company line and I'm able to criticize Comcast.



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Re: Choppy & skipping videos



I understand where you're at.  But thanks for at least paying a fragment of attention to this subject, unlike the corporation we pay thousands of dollars to every year. 


I just don't understand how comcast can have this be their one place for support and then ignore it. 




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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Comcast is too large to care about customers now.  I'm tempted to cancel our service an go with DSL just to stop contributing to this monopoly.


Same with Verizon...

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Re: Choppy & skipping videos

Hi Queen-Evie,


As another posted said I appreciate your situation. but where are we to go if Comcast doesn't read these posts? I have tried live chats and phone chats and I am told there is no known issue. They have me check I have the latest software even though I know I do. They have me uninstal said software and install it again. They have me delete cookies and cache even though I know that won't help. They check my connection, again I know my connection is good. They ask me dumb questions like what wireless router I am using even after I tell them I am wired and my Docsys3 modem is plugged directly into the wall. On other forum threads there is a rep that has posted stating they are aware of the issue and are making changes. He has been posting that since at least spring of 2013 and IIRC he has posted it for over a year.


Where do I go and who do I talk to about this issue since tech support seems to be just as clueless and sometimes more so than the rest of us? I have spoken to a few at tech support that don't seem clueless but, most do seem clueless.

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