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Trying to Set Up /Log In to watchable

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Trying to Set Up /Log In to watchable

Won't take E-mail <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">
OR <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">
This is a New Account !!
I was GIVEN thus G-mail over the Phone because your Service Techniction NEVER Set Up 1 fir use before LEAVING !
2 couldn't HELP w/ other Questions EITGER
We SWITCHED from Direct TV !!
It seems like the People tgatvCKNEto Install . Dont Want to really PUT Firth 100% !!
Or .
TRy to be more Attentive to New Customer's !!
Pretty BAD for New Costome's because they KEFT DirectcTv due to A lit of the SAMEXissye's !!
I. nit UBDRRO why your Service people aren't as you Advertize ?
Answer ;
Please CALL me Im not ABKE to Answer your
E-mail's because I have a HARD TIME finding them !!
Period .<Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">
My OKD 73 'My husband has Alizhimers really BAD !!
I'm there Daughter "Denuse <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">" I spoke w/ someone earlier this Morning .
2x's last night & 1x yesterday because my Pop parents NEVER received an E-mail address or HELO w/ other QUESTION's !!!!!
I'm very SERIOUS , Bexahsevim nit ABKE to EVEN Sign Uk to your watchable App w/ the
E-mail's above !!
WHY !! Can't do a lot f things because it won't tajecANY E-mail's !!
I'm needing to TALJ to someine WHO'Sable to CREDIT my Parebto Accout ! They just put Comcasr IN ON OR AROUND 3/10/17 !!
It's really BEALE to do or ADD any thing In by
E-mail 'sGi en By an Ooerator Over the Phone !! It's not RIGHT ok FAR !
I. HERE to DO these things but can't because it w ok by Except thisecE-mail's !!!
In Waitingvto a look so speak to some ok be by 7pm !!
But it's not FAIR for them to WORRY over you not having them Set Up FULLY !!
There Wires arent DUG into the Groubd
!itscaxSAD thibgvtj Fjbd OUT your not ABKE to Use the Information that given try o them !!
I've been ADDED to t ok your Customer Service or anyone when it's Pertaining to there "New Comcady Accout" !!
Tgere UP in Agex& AS ICK my Dad !!
I'm HOOING try there from SONEONE by PHONE !!
My Phone #<Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">
Denise a <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information">
Feel FREE to call tgere # above the Ask if inABLE to speak with your organization anyone from Comcast !!

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