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Subscription Required 12012. Frustrated!

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Subscription Required 12012. Frustrated!

This is so frustrating, especially to someone who just signed a 2-year agreement to upgrade services, and then find out no one can help me when the service doesn't work.


I've contacted Comcast support numerous times about this. They try various things, including: resetting my entitlements, updating the UDB, refreshing my account...none of it works.


Then, one of the chat reps told me "Upon checking, this channels are not listed on your channel line up Daniel."  I say, "What do you mean, it is, I'm looking at the Digital Starter Lineup, and FX and BBC America are on there." She replies, "It's part of the digital starter package, but not included on your subscription." What?? That doesn't even make sense.


Then the rep says, "There are some channels that is listed on the starter package, but not available on your area or market Daniel." Well, that can't be because I can view these channels on my TV just fine. I can even view Showtime on my TV as they offered it to me for 3 months free. I know for a fact these channels are available in my market. I'm in NE Florida.


So, the question is, when I login to the website or open the app on my Android phone, why do the channels included in the Digital Starter package not let me access them. There is a key on the button. And when I click on it it says a subscription is required. Please upgrade your service to access this channel.


Reading through the forum I can see that I am not the only one to experience this problem. I feel bad as they expect me to pay all this money to enjoy the upgraded service and no one seems to be able to help me.


Thanks for reading. I will say that when Comcast service works, it's great! I hope they can make it work for me so I can stay a customer.



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Re: Subscription Required 12012. Frustrated!

I hear your frustration.   I also signed up with a two committment and was told that I could download the app and begin to watch TV shows on my tablet.  Great, so I download the app on my tablet and all I get is the Subscription Required 12012 message.   WHAT????   I signed up for a package with 140+ channels and I can't get even ONE to work?  This is not the  way to start two years worth of payments.....may reconsider and take them on up on their 30 day cancellation.

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Re: Subscription Required 12012. Frustrated!

Have you contacted Support? Did they troubleshoot? 

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Re: Subscription Required 12012. Frustrated!

Everything is working now! Don't know how or why, but I'm happy.

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