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This page can't be displayed IE 11

I just started up my computer tonight and was using IE 11 when all my favorites and home page would not display along with that messege. Tried numerous online help suggestions (using my back up computer) with no help. I used the Microsoft diagnostic tool and found the Norton security suite during a recent IE 11 patch had changed the settings in the "Identity" . I turned evrything off then back on and the pages returned. Here is the strange thing !! My Thunderbird email worked fine along with the "Bing" bar. So if you have that messege, reset all the security settings in the "manage identity protection" button in Norton and that will fix the problem.  Add that to your IE repair list. My back up computer is always defaulted to Mozilla "Fire Fox". 

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Re: This page can't be displayed IE 11

Thanks for that info 6pak.


It would certainly help those of us who wonder, what operating system are you using and what version of Norton Security Suite are you running?  Version can be found from the Main page of NSS by selecting Support and then About.

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Re: This page can't be displayed IE 11

6pak - did you resolve this issue?


I am seeing this on both Windows 7 and 8 when using IE 11, but not Windows 8 RT.


Apart from the fact Microsoft deelopers appear to have set back the cause of internationalization by 20 years with the use of contractions - this error is driving me crazy.


I have worked through all the suggested Microsoft community fixes and the problem still returns.  It is unpredictable but I have found out one thing which has really screwed up my understanding of what might be going on.  I have the luxury of being able to switch ISP between Comcast and Clear.  I can get a repeated “This page can’t be displayed” on my Comcast service, switch to Clear and the page will automatically be rerendered and displayed.


This seems to indicate one of two possibilities:

  1. The network stack is getting screwed up and switching ISP is causing a reset.

  2. IE has cached something with respect from the ISP which is sending it down a blind alley.  I am wondering if this might be something to do with the use of the SPDY protocol.

Just wondering if you or someone else had found a fix.

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Re: This page can't be displayed IE 11

Thank you,

your were 100% correct, it was the settings in Norton Security that shut down internet explorer 11

i followed your lead and i am all good,


thank you 

pete of Lanoka Harbor, NJ