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Norton Security Suite & Constant Guard - Proceed with Caution

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Norton Security Suite & Constant Guard - Proceed with Caution

I recently installed Norton Security Suite and Comcast Constant Guard from Comcast on my PC running Windows XP Pro.  I almost immediately began to have problems with my machine slowing down, and Microsoft applications freezing (Outlook, Word, Excel, and Explorer).  I focused on problems with MS Office, with no improvement.


Then after researching Constant Guard, I decided to uninstall it.  When this did not resolve the problem, I uninstalled and reinstalled Norton Security Suite.


The problem continued to get worse.  It got to the point I could not use my PC, without it freezing up.  The most unusual failure I received was the inability to start applications.  The desktop looked and operated normally.  I could open menus and select icons.  The icons would indicate they were activated, but the applications would not start.


I finally reinstalled Constant Guard, then uninstalled it and Norton Security Suite using REVO Uninstaller in Safe Mode.  Today it appears to be working again, and I have not had any problems.  Although I have stuck mostly with my MacBook Pro out of frustration and an abundance of caution.


I will be reloading Norton Security Suite alone this afternoon, and hope the problems were isolated to Constant Guard.


So this is a caution to anyone considering use of Constant Guard, proceed with caution.  If you do load it, or have loaded and run into problems, I recommend using REVO Uninstaller to remove it.  I also recommend removing both Constant Guard and Norton Security Suite and start over.


Best of Luck

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Re: Norton Security Suite & Constant Guard - Proceed with Caution

Hi BDM0159,


Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback to hopefully help out some other users.  I totally agree that CGPS is pretty much garbageware and it never has and never will be installed on any of my systems. 


Many folks have found once getting rid of the CGPS and using just NSS that they have been very happy with the results.


If you need any assistance,please do not hesitate to come back and ask - we are heree to help others.

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