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Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac - Now available for Comcast Internet Subscribers

Norton Internet Security 5.4 for Mac is now available in the Constant Guard program and can be found on the Norton Internet Security product page:




On the new page, there are two buttons to differentiate the MAC OSX version you are running. 

  • If you click on "OSX 10.7 or newer" (Lion and Mountain Lion), you will receive NIS MAC 5.4. 
  • If you click "OSX 10.4, 10.5, 10.6", you will get NIS MAC 4.

When downloading and installing NIS MAC 5, please note the pin number on the download page, you will need this at the end of installation when the product goes through an activation process. 

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Re: Norton Internet Security 5 for Mac - Now available for Comcast Internet Subscribe

Updated link:



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