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Identity Safe and Google Chrome

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Identity Safe and Google Chrome

I have been using Firefox for years but it has been going downhill for a while now (IMHO) so I switched to Google Chrome. Before I did this I checked to make sure Identity Safe works with Chrome. According to Google, it does. It was working fine with Firefox but it does not in fact work with Chrome. Who is going to take responsibility to make it work? From what I have read it doesn't work with Norton's until version 6. Why does it get updated by Symantec every time Firefox releases but not when Chrome releases? Does Comcast need to step up and release version 6 for it's customers or can they tell Symantec to get on the ball and make it work with Chrome? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Re: Identity Safe and Google Chrome

Hi Reddshift,


ID Safe did not work with Chrome prior to the release of the 2012 Norton products.  I am not privy to the reasoning as to when a product will be updated to work with another browser by Norton's way of thinking, but if it is any consolation, I hear the same comment and "argument" from the Internet Explorer 64 bit users also. 


The release of NSS Version 6 will occur when it is made available on the Norton Servers for Comcast customers to download.  When this is installed  ID Safe will be available in Chrome.


Just a heads up.  If you have not already done it.  Please go into FF or IE and login to ID Safe.  Go to Settings > Identity Protection > Backup Identity Safe Data  > Configure (+) and backup your ID Safe Data as an .NPM file.  This .NPM file will be able to be Restored into the new Version 6 ID Safe Data after upgrade.  This will insure a copy of your ID Safe Data is available in case things do not go as planned with the upgrade.


You don't want to hear me say this, but you really just need to continue to use FF (grin and bear it) until such time as NSS Version 6 is available and then you can switch over to Chrome.

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Re: Identity Safe and Google Chrome

You may also want to consider using an independent password manager in lieu of Identity Safe. I run NIS 2012 on my personal systems, but use a separate password manager. This leaves me free to use whatever security product I choose while keeping my password manager.


There are several good free products, as well as paid ones. Their greatest advantage is that they will work with the broadest range of browsers and are usually promptly updated for new browsers/versions.


Free: LastPass, Keepass


Paid: Roboform

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