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How To Uninstall/Reinstall Norton Security Suite after a problem with Norton program

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How To Uninstall/Reinstall Norton Security Suite after a problem with Norton program

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Please note:  These instructions should also be followed if changing from one Norton product to another. ie a paid/trial subscription from Norton to the Comcast version, or a version upgrade of NSS which is more than one upgrade old.
If you use Identity Safe, backup your Identity Safe data (See Export instructions here- http://forums.comcast.net/t5/Security-and-Anti-Virus/How-to-Export-Import-NSS-Identity-Safe-Data/m-p...
Uninstall NSS via normal removal procedures. (Add/Remove programs )
After it is uninstalled, run the Norton Removal Tool following the instructions here:
After running the Removal Tool, reboot and download and install a fresh copy of NSS from here:
Once installation is complete, open NSS and manually Run LiveUpdate (located on drop-down under PC Security on left side of main page of NSS) as many times as necessary for it to respond "no more updates available". If a reboot is requested, reboot and then continue to Run LiveUpdate until it responds "no more updates available" and then reboot one last time.  Your installation should now be up to date definition wise and ready for use.
After installation and update, complete the Import portion of the instructions here for Identity Safe Data here - http://forums.comcast.net/t5/Security-and-Anti-Virus/How-to-Export-Import-NSS-Identity-Safe-Data/m-p...

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