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Send Text when door is still open past certain time

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I have a door sensor on my garage door.  I want to setup a rule setup that sends me a text message if the door is still open at 9pm.  However when I tried to do this all I get each night is a text message regardless if the door is opened or closed at 9pm.  The garage door sensor is set as a perimiter sensor so it doesn't trip the alarm when opened or closed.


Current Rule copied from my portal - 'I want Garage Door to send text message when it is not closed between 9:00p and 9:00p'


I also have the below rule which behaves the same way - I get a text message every night at 10pm regrdless if the system is armed or not.

'I want Security System to send text message when it is not armed in night mode between 10:00p and 10:00p'


Any suggestions?