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ATTENTION ------- yanyan82

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ATTENTION ------- yanyan82

Your post contained personal information and was removed to a secure location. These are public forums, and you should never post account numbers, street addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, your full name, or anything else personally identifiable to you. Spammers and hackers can easily harvest that information. Your post is below with the information redacted or removed. Please read the forum guidelines for posting:  http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Forum-Community/Forums-Policy-and-Guidelines/m-p/2618379#U2618379


Dear Comcast support
Hello. I am Yanyan.Account Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
When I checked my account payment information today.I found something problems in it.
1) My first bill: payment due date is 12/04/2015 ,amount :$104.99. but why the second bill on 11/23/2015,it said I were overdue (I received the email).
    Now I already payed $104.99 on 24/11/2015 and second amount $39.99 is processing now.
    Why I received e-mail(23/11/15) and said I am over due ( because my first bill's due date is 12/04/2015)?
    Would it influenced my credit or not?
2) My first bill's problem
    It was double charge me account set up fee. "Self Install Kit $15" and "Failed CHSI SIK $99.99" ,
    I think "Self Install Kit $15" it is a wrong charge.
    Would you help me to reduce it and return to next bill.

The Support Forums are "public" forums and you should not post identifiable information (full name, account number, address, phone numbers & email addresses).  Users of these forums are Comcast customers,the same as you & me and volunteer their time to assist with the issues and/or problems that you may be experiencing.  Please ensure your post is in the correct Forum to begin with.  Please do not send me Private Messages for personal help but instead use the Forums to allow everyone to read and offer comments to assist you.  Comcast employees are identified with RED lettered User Names.

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