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Why isn't Comcast more "organized" 4 customers?

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Why isn't Comcast more "organized" 4 customers?

     Hello everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with a very "common" problem I just found out

About here on your forums. I've been with Comcast 8yrs for internet & my tv services. I had my home phone via Magic Jack for years & when Comcast offered their "bundle" package I agreed to give 

them a chance. 

My phone service just started on Tuesday, November 6. I was surprised with how fast my phone number 

was "ported" from magic jack (I did sign up for this service 11/1/12, originally) considering I had to speak

with a "tech" 11/5/12 to give him my account number & pin to finish the porting process. 

I started to use my home phone via Comcast with no problems last week only to find out today, Sunday,

November 11 that some of my calls were being sent to my magic jack voice mail that was removed from

my computer last week?? I "uninstalled" the program myself & sure enough the program was NOT listed

anywhere I checked.

I had my cousin call my home number for me just to make sure it wasn't a glitz with my cell phone & sure 

enough my home phone didn't ring & her call was sent right through to my voice mail for magic jack...

But, I can pick up my home phone & call out no problem.

I contacted Comcast & tried to find out why this would occur, considering my home phone was already 

working perfectly fine till this afternoon. I mentioned that my Aunt also, started using Comcast 

for her home phone service provider on 11/1/12 & she is STILL having problems with her calls NOT going

to her answering machine when she is not home or doesn't get to the phone in time to answer. Her phone will just continue to ring until the person calling hangs up. Since she is in her late 60's & with health issues

I'm concerned that Comcast has done NOTHING to help her with this situation unless I call for her & even then.. All I get is a "tech" that runs a test & acknowledges that "yes mame, you are correct. The line is working, your answ. machine isn't picking up the call but, I'm unable to see a problem on this end."

He then offered to call my Aunt back on Saturday by 6pm to confirm that the answering machine was working properly & if not he said he would have someone come out to her home to help fix the problem. 

Well, she has yet to get that call back & now my phone service is also not working properly..

Since we live only two blocks away from eachother I asked the Customer Service person if there was 

an "issue" in our area & maybe that could be the reason for all the problems.. ??


I was told that my phone number hasn't yet been "ported" completely from magic jack & it will not be completed until this Friday 11/16/12 & I would have to call back that day to have my phone service 

activated.... This was after 6pm so I called my Aunt to let her know that maybe there wasn't anything 

wrong with her machine & I'd stop by on Monday to explain everything & to also check her connections

myself just to make sure everything is connected properly. 

I called her from my home phone which worked perfectly fine, again?? 


I've had to call Comcast so much since 11/1/12 that I've had it.. I'm either calling to help my Aunt fix

something regarding her phone service & cable tv or I'm calling them to figure out what is going on with 

the service at my home.. I must say, I have NEVER heard of so many complaints over the same issue

with a company this large that could care less & yet has an advertisement for services at least twice an

hour in my area... 


I do plan on calling Comcast back tomorrow during "normal" business hours to speak with either a "tech" or a supervisor so they can explain to my family that the service they offered them is NOT really the service they will be receiving. If I am correct, Comcast's Voice Service is similar to VOIP if not the very same & I did try to explain that to my family last week but, because the phones are still attached to the

walls, my Aunt does not understand that she will no longer have a land line & if our area should loose 

"power" her phone may not work. 


Can someone please let me know who I should be calling to deal with "just" the phone "porting" issues & 

the problems my Aunt is having regarding her answering machine not working with comcasts voice service?


If I did my "homework" I would have told my family to keep their phone services with Verizon to avoid all of this but, they didn't tell me or our family that they were "changing" anything until after they agreed to have Comcast "bundle" their services. 


I hope that others do not have to go through all of this & for those that are, I hope Comcast will follow through & fix what needs to be "fixed".. I'm more concerned for my Aunt as she only uses her home phone to make calls. I have a cell phone to use if need be but, for the elderly & those with health issues this 

concerns me, as I do work in Health Care.

Thank you in advance for your help..

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Re: Why isn't Comcast more "organized" 4

Your aunt can add our voicemail service if she would like to use voicemail through us. As for your phone, if you are still having porting issues, please email us details at we_can_help@comcast.com and we'll check the status of this port.

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Re: Why isn't Comcast more "organized" 4

Hi Michael,

     Thank you for replying.. My family has had non-stop issues since changing their phone services

from Verizon to your company. On Wednesday, 11/21/12, a customer service agent called their home,

(I was there prepping for our Thanksgiving dinner & I'm the one who answered the phone) asked to speak with either my Aunt or Uncle and that's when the night went downhill very fast. I tried to explain to  your Company several times that my Uncle was NOT a man that would just sit back and let someone talk down to him..

I called with from my Aunt's home with just my Aunt present to explain the issues they were having and that if they were not "resolved", my Uncle would tell them to "just get rid of it already".. and go back to Verizon for their phone service. My Uncle is recently semi-retired from running his own business and regardless of me trying to explain to him that your Voice Services were not the "same" as Verizon, he didn't listen to me.. 
This has led to problems for my Aunt as she is the primary user for their phone services. My Aunt has been having health problems and since they are getting older she has NO desires of learning how to use a computer. 

Again, my Uncle knows and understands computers so it is of no importance to him and as long as "his" phone works he could care less. I'm not happy that he is acting this way and neither is my family but I'm the one that helps my Aunt out the most as I'm a nurse so I'm always stopping by to check on her and make sure everything is alright.

My Uncle purchased his own modem that is compatible to use with your voice services and when he found out that he would have to pay for a "special" modem from your company that was it.. I'm not sure

who the young lady was that told him he couldn't use his own modem but I do feel bad for her.. As I tried to 

explain to the Customer Service agent, the week before, he demanded to speak with  a supervisor who refused to explain the difference between the modem he purchased and the one that was provided by your company. Since I have NOT seen this modem myself I am not sure what the name or model number is, or I would have looked it up myself to check on the compatibility and also ask you if this is true.. 


As for my own home, I was under the impression that I would continue to "rent" mine until I decided if I would keep my service and so far since the "porting" issue the only difference I have noticed is that the "caller id" is horrible compared to what I am used to.. So, for me, I am not about to cancel my service over just one issue.. 

I have noticed though, that my "on demand" channel is not working on my TV as well since I have "bundled" my services and I find that very strange. 


This is the same problem my Aunt is having at her house. So, they were going to have a "Tech" come by on Friday, 11/23 (today) to see what the problem was & fix it. But the lady who spoke with my Uncle on Wednesday night told him they were sending someone to their house on Thanksgiving day & that was the last straw.. My Aunt marked the appointment on her calendar but she had the wrong day circled.. (she had Saturday circled instead of Friday) Since the last thing I want to do is be there when someone does show up, I have avoided calling or stopping by to see my Aunt today and my cousin is keeping an "eye" on her for the day, just in case a "tech" does show up today.. 


Michael can you tell me if there is a modem available, to purchase, for customers to use if they have all three services "bundled" through your company? When I signed up for your service I was told that if I went to the "local" Comcast store they may not have the "all in one" modem available so, I would need to use my own modem & the one from Comcast would be just for the Voice services.. 

I chose to have my equipment shipped to my home & I did the installation myself and I chose to use the modem provided by your company and as I've stated before, I don't mind using it but I do have a wireless router connected to the one provided by your company because the strength of the "signal" is not strong enough for my apartment. I wouldn't be able to use the apps for my TV in my bedroom if I didn't have my own router & that is a bit disappointing considering I'm already paying to use the one provided by Comcast. 


If need be, I would use just the "voice" modem from Comcast with what I already had prior to starting with your Voice services which, I was told was ok by "Jimmy"( one of the "techs" from your company).

I just think it's a shame that I have the equipment in my living room but if you use either my laptop or the TV in the bedroom you need to use my own wireless router to do so. There is only one wall separating the equipment from the actual devices?? 


I do plan on calling for assistance, if need be, next week. Maybe they can do some trouble shooting over the phone with me to see why the "on demand" is no longer working on any of the boxes we have. Why pay for it if it's not working?? I really enjoy using the "on demand" features so I can "catch up" on some shows when I have the free time.. 


Again, I know my family is not the only one having issues since "bundling" their services but, my "issues" are small compared to some of the stories I have heard. 


Thank you for your time Michael!


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