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Voice Mail on Desktop

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Voice Mail on Desktop

I think there programmers need to return to school.  So I'm on my account on the internet and can check emails.  When I link the Voice link so stupid advertisment comes up about make long distances calls, etc with NO X TO CLOSE THE ADVERTISMENT, and when you click on the Learn More button, it just refreshes the page and you get the same advertisement.  Really one of the largest companies in internet and tv, and your programmers can't even do an ad right so you can check your voice mail, or record of calls.  Really!!!  I know there answer use your cell phone to check, but betcha it doesn't work on it either.  Send your techs back to kindergarten programming please.

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Re: Voice Mail on Desktop

Hi rferg2740,  apologies for your experiences, if you are still experiencing this issue or any others please let me know.


Thank you