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Universal Caller ID not working on PC or TV

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Universal Caller ID not working on PC or TV

Hi Comcast


I have the software on 2 PCs running Windows 7 (which are logged in to our comcast accounts) and we have an itv capable box (SA Cisco RNG-100) which we got in late 2010. It's my mom's comcast account. Just wondering what would be causing the Universal Caller ID service not to work on all the devices I mentioned above I doubt it could be the box or the software. I haven't gotten a single incoming call on the devices displays. The comcast rep said it was incompatable with my box which I know isn't true because it's mentioned in this link .


Any help would greatly be appreciated

Thanks, Charles

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Re: Universal Caller ID not working on PC or TV

I had same problem with caller ID, so contacted Comcast through their on-line chat. Tech worked me thorugh procedure to be sure caller ID was turned on, then he advised me to unplug the power cord to the TV box, leave it unplugged for a couple of minutes and then plug it back in. He advised me that it would take a few minutes to refresh the TV guide, and probably six hours to refresh the caller ID. The caller ID now works on my TV as well as on my PC. If you have more than one TV, I assume you'd have to unplug the boxes for each TV to get the system to refresh them. In any case, it worked for me.