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Text notificatios


Text notificatios

Why do I NOT receive text messages alerts on the Comcast home page like the e-mail notifications?

Is there a setting I need to make?



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Re: Text notificatios


Sicnarf1021, did you set up text message alerts? 


Check out:


Re: Text notificatios

Thanks for the reply ,however, I do not have the page you refer to.

Let me get basic as to what I want.

I am NOT talking about Comcast cell phones.

I am talking about Comcast "voice" phone.

What I want is to be notified when a text has been sent to my "voice" phone.

I have sent myself text messages and can go in and read them BUT I was not notified I had any.

The link you sent me shows a page I do not have.

Any other ideas?