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On June 2nd, I opened a ticket with Comcast to subscribe to their Digital Voice offering. Due to the time it takes to port a number from Vonage, they scheduled my cut our 30 days; my scheduled date was Monday, July 16, 2007. My new service was installed, supposedly tested using their (Comcast's) test set (it rung). They had me to place a call and it worked, CID showed as my number. After they left, we noticed we were getting voice-mails from Vonage service still (they send the voicemails via email). So we then tested a call to our home and sure enough, Vonage was still accepting our calls. I called Comcast to report it and they said the port ticket was still open and it may take a few hours to complete. I called Comcast back on Tuesday to complain and they said they would notify the appropriate department. Wednesday (7/18) I called and they (Comcast) transferred me to a Supervisor; he informed me that I would have to contact Vonage as they could not contact them directly. I called Vonage on 7/18; I informed them of the scheduled port that was suppose to occur two days ago; they assured me that I would not be satisfied and offered to put my account on hold so I could easily come back to them; they offered this and offered that, which at this point frustrated me more than anything; the lady on the phone with Vonage finally said she would be happy to discontinue my service so that Comcast could port my number. Then my number started going to a message "The number you have dialed is not in service; please check the number and dial again -- I-1-0-0"... I called Comcast back (still Wed., 7/18) to let them know the new problem. Comcast opened up an escalated ticket requiring 72 hours for resolution. I called back on Thursday for an update just to be told that I was informed that they required 72 hours and it had not quite been 24 since the last time I called. I researched the message on the Internet to find links relating the message to a "block-number" database associated to Vonage. I called Vonage back to ask them to make sure they removed my number from all their databases so that my new service could be established. They assured me their was a database and that they opened up a ticket to totally release my number. I waited to call Comcast back until Saturday morning (7/21) as that was the end of the 72 hours. The Comcast rep notified the department that was working on my ticket and they were suppose to be calling me back on my cell phone -- never got a call. I called Vonage back to find out they only received customer service calls on porting M-F. On Monday, I called Comcast (one week without phone service); they now offer to escalate my issue because they could not escalate my problem unless I called in because they would have no ideal to do so unless I requested it. STUPID right == I had only been calling for the past week. Anyway, I was told another 24-48 hours for tier two resolution; promised another follow-up call from tier two to my cell -- never got a call. I waited 48 hours to call Comcast back on Wednesday (7/25); still no service, getting same message; tier two was close and I should have service within 4-8 hours. Called Comcast back on Thursday; same song and dance, just a different day; tier two is waiting a call back from your old provider for proper release of the number. I of course called Vonage back at that time; Vonage's system was down so I would have to call back; however, instead of speaking to the porting department, I needed to speak to billing. Today, Friday, July 27, I called Comcast back; they called tier two; they have supposedly called my old provider (XO Communications? is what they reported) and they are not calling them back nor releasing my number. Not sure how XO comes into the mix unless that is who Vonage uses; therefore, I called Vonage back (and went to billing as directed). I was informed to properly port my number, I would have to re-establish my Vonage service; which I said was okay if that is what it took, but I absolutely refuse to pay for any reconnection as it was not my fault that they did not port it correctly. Then I was told that I would have to contact the LEC that is in my area (BellSouth/AT&T), because they actually controlled my number and what service it was handed off and I ported the number from them in 2005 so this number was not really a Vonage number. Well guess what, the auto attendant at Bellsouth/AT&T hangs up on me when I enter *********** because it is not a number associated with a billing account -- imaging that.

Bottom Line: All I want is phone service; preferably with who I choose. I have been without phone service for nearly two weeks now. I have been given the run around. I cannot get any answers it seems like from either party involved -- I am not convinced either company (Vonage or Comcast) have the customer focus to actually warrant the right to offer Communication services that we as citizens have became so dependent upon.

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What a nightmare!
I don't know what state you are in, but it may be time to notify your local public utilities commission.
Good Luck.

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This forum does appear to work....
I just received my first call back from Comcast Help Forums Moderator within the Technical Services department.  Hopefully this is a good sign or resolution!
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Oh, by the way, I hope that is not your real telephone number in your post. If it is, you should immediately edit the message to remove it!
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Thanks; I edited to remove.  I copied the post straight from the FCC filing I created this morning without editing.
GOOD NEWS!!!!  JimWe -- you rock!  I just successfully placed a call to my home and talked to my wonderful wife who is absolutely delighted that our phone service is established.
Thanks for the very quick response from the forum; I wished the 1-800-COMCAST number could escalate issues to this team and things could get resolved a lot faster.
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Hi again tednjoy,

As we discussed on Friday, someone was already working on your issue. I’m happy to hear that you’re now receiving all of your calls. It appears that there was a issue with the port (transfer) of your telephone number, and it took just a bit longer to resolve than you were originally told.

I do apologize for your inconvenience, and I’m very pleased that your service is now working correctly.

Thank you for posting,

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Wish I could get mine resolved  Started on July 18th   ...at first was suppose to be Aug 9th, then Aug 3rd, then Aug 9th again, then Aug 17th ..... and now Aug 28th ...  give me a break .. and yes people say they are working on it .. but nothing gets done ...
CAN ANYONE AT COMCAST HELP ME PLEASE ???????????????????????  CHECK MY ACCOUNT and callmy CELL # Comcast has !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello moorecards,
I’ve reviewed your account and confirmed that your installation work order has been set up properly and that your ported telephone number is flowing correctly through the proper channels of service. Regrettably, It appears that your previous installation dates had to be rescheduled (or pushed back) because of the numerous changes made or requested to either your account or to your installation work order. It's important to remember that any change to an installation work order (even if it’s not CDV-related), can and does affect the scheduled installation date.
I understand that it’s inconvenient for your appointment to be rescheduled, but as long as there are no further changes to your open work order, I expect that your CDV service will be active on your next scheduled installation date. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or problems.
Thanks for posting,
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