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Not Available Calls cannot be screened - any help?

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Not Available Calls cannot be screened - any help?

I just switched to Comcast Voice on Oct. 17. I am now getting numerous  private calls (with no number displayed), and Not Available calls with 12 digit numbers) every day. I never received these calls with ATT. I've set up the call block as instructions provided, but the numbers shown on call ID (for example - 15-915-029-9865) won't block. This is getting extremely annoying. I don't understand how I can be receiving so many of these calls now, when I have the same phone number I've always had. Does Comcast sell the numbers? Are there any suggestions on stopping this?

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Can you block a 12-digit number?

I've had 2 calls in the last 2 days from a caller whose ID says "Not Available". The number they're calling from is "145574468348". This is a 12-digit number. The calls were both late at night.


When I answered the calls there was a pause, then a woman came to the phone and offered to help me with my computer problems. There were lots of other people talking in the background. I think the person had an Indian accent.


I tried to block the calls by dialing *60 and typing in the number, but the number was too long for the system to take. Just now I tried "Anonymous Call Blocking". I hope this will work.


I've had other calls from "companies" offering to help me with my credit card debt (I don't have any debt). These people were calling EVERY DAY and sometimes twice a day. I entered their numbers into the Call Blocking feature at Comcast - and these callers haven't called back. This is a great feature!!!


So I was wondering if it's possible to block a 12-digit number. Any Ideas?