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No battery in modem.

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No battery in modem.

Just realized the other day after power outage during a big storm, I had no landline phone. Looked at modem. No battery. What if I needed to call 911. I don't own a cell either.
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Connection Expert

Re: No battery in modem.

The official word from Comcast:

‎06-25-2013 02:33 PM

Hello everyone-

I just wanted to let everyone know I understand all the concerns and issues about the back up battery. Many customers are unsure if we are providing them or if we're required to. Our new policy is, as of February we will no longer be providing a backup battery.

We apologize for all the inconvenience.
Thank You


"If you would like to order a battery or replace a depleted battery, please call us at 1-888-972-1261. A new battery may be purchased for $35.00 plus taxes and a $5.95 shipping fee. The new battery will be sent to you and arrive in about 7-10 business days."

You can find a battery on eBay for around $15 if you don't want to buy one from Comcast.

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Problem Solver

Re: No battery in modem.

To make things worse, Comcast is replacing most of the old voice modems, the new modems do NOT come with a battery and of course the old battery will NOT fit in your new modem.  Yes, batteries are available from Comcast for about 40 dollars with shipping.  I was unable to find a cheaper source for the modem battery, I looked on Amazon, Ebay and a few other sites but none were available


Thanks to Comcast corporate, voice modem batteries are now a "PROFIT CENTER"

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Re: No battery in modem.

Aaaaaand that's why Comcast can keep their phone service!

Cable Expert

Re: No battery in modem.

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Re: No battery in modem.

I see this as a large Safety Issue!

Now Image that one of our elderly citizens gets a new modem or has one

installed and does not know that it needs a battery to work when the power is

out her husband is having a heart attack and she reaches for the phone and tries to dial 911 no

dial tone because no power!

Now the older modems came with a backup battery so why not now? The lawsuits will

be coming due to wrongful death. I will be filing a complaint with the FCC because the

phone system should always have a way to call 911.

Even if you don't pay your cell phone bill they still have to provide you 911 service.

So you buy a new car they give you the keys you try to start it and it does not Oh they

forgot to tell you it did not come with a battery you had to pay extra?

I lease my modem it should come with all its accessories especially for the ability to call

for help via 911.

So Comcast Larry get with it!

I have been on the phone for at least 4 hour yesterday and today trying to speak to a supervisor or

manager to no avail! I even went back to the local Comcast office where I picked up my new modem

yesterday do to a lighting strike on Wed. and that frying my modem. Needless to say I was dismayed

when I did not see the battery led light up and no battery in the compartment, the instructions say that

new customers need to buy a battery so what about me? The response at the office was Oh that policy

changed everyone has to buy a battery? Why its their equipment and I lease it should it not come complete?

Let us see how this plays out and how the body count goes?


Norman J Fernandez

New Poster

Re: No battery in modem.

As far as I'm concerned, the new policy to charge for the backup battery is something akin  to Comcast deciding to unilaterally reduce by 50% the number of channels that come with a TV cable package, and say, “Too bad, we've changed our policy…go Fish!”.  Or, even more obvious is the annual exercise of Comcast clout.  Just look at their business practice of increasing the cost of service every year by onerous amounts.  Lack of competition is only one of the culprits. The biggest culprits are the Comcast executives leveraging their dominant position (Comcast has been buying up the competition with no objections from our elected officials....palms and butts have been thoroughly and liberally greased by Comcast – see http://time.com/3028041/meet-the-internets-most-powerful-man/).

I don't know about others but when we signed up for Xfinity (specifically to include phone service) one of our requirements was to have phone service available during power outages (we have more than several a year).  The Comcast sales representative assured us that this was not a problem because a backup battery would be furnished with the modem.
Fast forward to today and "ComcastLarry's" wimpy apologist message.  Bottom line, we get to buy a battery or go back to what we had before... ooops!  What happened to our alternatives???!!! (hint: see paragraph 1)


I suppose I would be more amenable to buying the stupid battery if Comcast would guarantee my Xfinity charges won't increase again. 

New Poster

Re: No battery in modem.

This is akin to the airlines charging extra for checked bags.  Yes, the requirement to purchase a backup battery is a money maker that Comcast management saw as an opportunity or as a way to reduce cost.  Screw the consumers and their risks in a power outage.  Unless the Govt forces them or public outcry (hint: Youtube) makes them reverse their NEW policy, we are up the creek without a paddle. 

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Re: No battery in modem.

Well I refuse to pay comcast $40 so I got one from Ebay for $14.49 free ship and its original equpitment! Works fine! Go to this site~



Problem Solver

Re: No battery in modem.

You're lucky.  That battery won't work in the Technicolor Modem that Comcast sent me.  I looked through Ebay and Amazon, couldn't find one for this modem, and had to give Comcast their blood money.

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Re: No battery in modem.

Sorry to hear Alan did you do a Google search with the model # of the modem and see it you can get to a battery that way!

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Re: No battery in modem.

Allan check this out same company I got mine from for my Arris modem!



Problem Solver

Re: No battery in modem.

HiFlyer -


Thanks so much but that's not my model either.  Yeah, I googled it, i 'yahooed' it, I 'amazoned" it, etc. etc.  It wasn't listed anywhere.  I'm sure it will pop up one of these days but I already purchased mine so it's too late for me.  I hope it does become available soon for other Comcast customers.


Have a great Labor Day!

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