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I cannot locate the Caller ID address book

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I cannot locate the Caller ID address book

I have spent days on my own and about 3 hours tonight with chat reps who are for the most part lacking any understanding of internet or comcast in general.


I have been attempting to set up my Caller ID to display on my computer (because comcast says it can be done) I installed the Caller ID program from comcast I read where it can display names or pictures to tell you who is associated with the incomming call number.   When you open the program "Xfinity caller IDand connect or log in it becomes active and you have 3 tabs Account, , Settings, , and Address Book.   When you click on the link under the Address book tab "log onto xfinity connect" it brings you to the xfinity home page http://xfinity.comcast.net    it tells you to click on the address book tab there.

There is no address book tab there  the home page may have been changed and the tab removed or the link may be incorrect, but I searched everywher for the caller ID address book It should be empty (just as the E-mail address book is empty) and ready for a good clean start but in order to enter phone numbers and names, I really have to be able to locate the address book


DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO GET TO OR TO CREATE (if they failed to mention that) the address book that caller ID will use to display names when calls are coming in?


BELOW IS THE CHAT I thought that I had made my problem rather clear


analyst Nastha has entered room

Nastha: Hello Michael, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Nastha. Please give me one moment to review your information.

Michael: My Issue: I am attempting to set up UCID I have clicked the link to Log Onto Xfinity Connect and gone there but I cannot find the " Address Book tab"

Nastha: I hope your day is going well. You have reached XFINITY Internet and Phone Technical Support Department for Residential Accounts, and I am more than happy to help you today.

Michael: hello Nastha

Nastha: I am sorry that you have problems on your address book.

Michael: I have no idea if I have problems with it

Nastha: Rest assured that I will be glad to assist you further and find the best options to fix your issue.

Nastha: For better assistance, may I ask a few questions that would help us understand how to address your issue properly, would that be okay?

Michael: I spent two hours trying to find it and still have not found it

Michael: sure go ahead

Nastha: Thank you.

Nastha: For verification purposes, may I have your account number?

Michael: hang O I have to open an other window to find that

Nastha: Sure. Take your time.

Michael: Accountxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nastha: Thank you.

Michael: All I need is to know when I click on and log onto Log Onto Xfinity Connect where is the Addredss Book Tab located on that page

Michael: I searched every square cm and I am just missing it

Nastha: The Address Book is located under Users and Preferences.

Michael: I just clicked the link and I do not see users and prefferences there anywhere

Nastha: Thank you.

Nastha: May I ask if you log in to xfinity.net?

Michael: the link brings me to http://xfinity.comcast.net/

Michael: yes I am logged in

Nastha: Great!

Michael: I do not see the tab there

Nastha: Please go to Users and Preferences tab.

Michael: I do not see users and prefferences there

Michael: help me out is it left side , right side, center, upper, or lower?

Nastha: Please go to My Account tab.

Michael: that is spelled unlike "Users and Preferences" I will now try that

Nastha: Thank you.

Michael: now since the instructions on the UCID page are absolutely blatently incorrect, you might want to inform someone

Nastha: May I know the correct UCID?

Michael: You just told me why are you asking me to tell you what you told me

Nastha: I am sorry for the confusion.

Nastha: MayI know what appears on your caller id when you try to make a call/

Michael: Please go to My Account tab then to Users and Preferences tab then probably address book

Michael: I had to request a pin number be sent to me and it apparently will send it via USPS not e mail

Michael: so I will have to wait 5 to 8 days to continue

Nastha: Sure. I will now send the pin via USPS.

Michael: itg says voice management and billing info

Michael: there is no " ADDRESS BOOK tab" there

Nastha: Thank you for the information.

Michael: when it comes I will probably forget why I wanted it and by the time I try to set up caller ID it will probably be outdated

Michael: so I probably will never be able to see incoming call info on my computer

Michael: I will probably just give up and uninstall the useless UCID program

Nastha: The name appear on your caller is must be you name, Michael.

Michael: Thank you for your time and please relay the information that the program is just so user unfriendly that Comcast sghould consider abandioning it

Nastha: You are welcome.

Michael: Are you completely brainless

Michael: You are telling me that the only person in this whole world who will ever call my phone is ME?

Michael: You are obviously not in America

Michael: Here in America most phones have the ability to display the phone number and some other information about the incoming call

Michael: In most cases it is someone other than My self who is trying to call me

Nastha: I understand, Michael.

Michael: Caller ID is not suposed  to tell me who I am

Michael: If every incoming call says it is from Mike xxxxx, It is not very useful

Nastha: You mean to say when you call out, you do not want to display your name and the phone number?

Michael: You said ..... Nastha: The name appear on your caller is must be you name, Michael.


Michael: When I call is coming in I want to see it displayed on my computer screen

Michael: the Address book will also tell me the name of the calling party IF THAT NUMBER is in my address book

Nastha: So you want your caller id work on your computer/

Michael: many people today use cell phones their names are not displayed unless I program them into my computer


Michael: is that not what UCID is all about


Michael: the instructions show 2 steps

Michael: 1. log onto xfinity connect (the link brings you to a page)

Michael: 2. Click on Address Book tab

Michael: The link goes to Xfinity. comcast.net/ which may be a bad link

Nastha: You may use comcast.net.

Michael: I used the link It should have the least chance of an error

Michael: is the "address book tab" on that page

Michael: that page looks identical

Nastha: Are you referring to your address book on your xfinity connect application?

Michael: Xfinity.comcast.net looks just like comcast.net

Michael: That is the only thing that we have beeen discussing from the very beginning

Michael: At leat the only thing I have been discussing

Nastha: You mentioned that you want your caller id to work on your computer.

Nastha: I will help you with this.

Michael: I am attempting to set up UCID I have clicked the link to Log Onto Xfinity Connect and gone therer but I Mcannot find the " Address Book tab"

Michael: that was prior to the start of the chat

Nastha: And now for the address book, just to confirm that you cannot access it in the same place where you access your email online, am i correct?

Michael: OH FOR SURE I access my e-mail through AOL

Nastha: Your address book where you access online is not associated on you caller id.

Michael: I have no idea

Michael: since I have never been able to find my xfinity connect address book, It probably has nothing in it yet

Michael: AS I SAID AT THE START Nastha: I will help you with this. Michael: I am attempting to set up UCID I have

Nastha: To set up caller id on the computer Michael, you must go to this link, www.comcast.net/callerid.

Nastha: And please click Download Now.

Michael: I have done that I have the program installed



Michael: THE NEXT step is to go to the address book tab in xfinity connect


Michael: 4 HOURS

Nastha: Thank you.

Michael: You have been trying to direct me to that tab I BELIEVE

Nastha: You are correct.

Michael: THE UCID program page is now saying that service is unavailable

Nastha: May I know what are the options on the scree right now on your xfinity connect?


Michael: address book contains the link and the instruction to click on the address book tab

Nastha: Thank you.

Nastha: Please click Address Book.

Michael: The service not available note has gone away now

Michael: HEY HEY HEY

Michael: do I use a hammer to smash a window  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to do that

Nastha: Please log out from the link and log in back.


Michael: I have done thatr at least 5 times but I will try that again

Michael: done

Michael: took seconds to exit the program and about 1 second for it to come back up

Nastha: May I know the browser that you are using?

Michael: Now it is saying service is unavailable

Michael: IE 9

Nastha: Thank you.

Nastha: Do you know how to delete the cache and cookies on your IE 9?

Michael: yes I can try doing that again for you

Nastha: Thank you.

user Michael has left room

Michael: Done

Michael: are you still with me

Nastha: Yes.I am still here.

Michael: yes you are

Nastha: For the last time, could you please log in back to the link.

Nastha: And if the address book is still unavailable, please let me know.

Michael: that link still brings me to the comcast.net home page where I do not see an address book tab

Michael: I really question should that tab be on the Comcast.net home page

Nastha: Thank you.

Nastha: Yes, you are correct. There should be an address book.

Nastha: I will need to transfer you to another department to further assist you with your application Michael since the address book is still not showing.

Michael: thankyou

Michael: and have a good day

Nastha: You are welcome.

Nastha: Before I will transfer you to another department, do you have other concerns for me today? I will be glad to assist you further.

Michael: No that is my only issue today

Nastha: Thank you for chatting with us today.

Michael: I do still have some speed problems but not serious

Nastha: Please stay on the chat, I will now transfer you to another department.

Nastha: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

analyst Jett has entered room

Jett: Our goal is to provide you with a consistently superior customer experiencethats our guarantee. Learn more about the Comcast Customer Guarantee at http://www.comcast.com/corporate/Customers/CustomerGuarantee.html?fss=customer guarantee

Waiting for response from Nastha

analyst Nastha has left room

Michael: hello jett

Jett: I understand the importance of your email access, for my services are also very important to me . I am definitely be glad to help you with this today.

Michael: Are you familiar with xfinity caller ID program

Jett: Just to make it clear, the problem is with your Caller ID.

Michael: You are way way way off

Jett: Is it correct?

Michael: NOT SURE

Jett: May I know the issue by the way?

Michael: I am trying to set up caller ID

Michael: on the program page there is a link which is suposed to bring me to a page with a tab called "address book"

Michael: the link takes me to xfinity.comcast.net/

Michael: on that page I cannot locate an Address Book tab

Jett: Are you setting it up using your computer?

Michael: yes

Michael: that page well I don't have to tell you you know the tabs on the comcast home page

Jett: Alright. Just to set your expectation,you have reached Xfinity Home Security department. With this,allow me please to connect you to our partner in online account department so they can guide you well in resolving this problem. Please stay in this chat while I transfer you. Thank you for doing business with us.

Michael: TV Email Voicemail home security more

Jett: Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst

Waiting for response from Jett

Michael: My Issue: I am attempting to set up UCID I have clicked the link to Log Onto Xfinity Connect and gone therer but I Mcannot find the " Address Book tab"

analyst Ismael has entered room

Ismael: It is a pleasure to have you on chat and I hope you haven't waited so long to be assisted today. You may type in keywords in this Help and Support page at http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/ Everybody finds this so helpful. You may call me 'Isma'. How are you today?

Michael: I have no idea now Isma

Michael: Are you familiar with the Xfinity UCID program?

Michael: Are you familiar with the working of the xfinity web pages?

Michael: If not, you are probably the wrong person

Ismael: Are you referring to the issues you have on the online account?

Michael: Account has probably nothing to do with it

Michael: except that every tech problem with every customer may be account related in some way

Ismael: I can understand that.

Michael: I am having a problem with real poor totaly incorrect instructions in the UCID program

Michael: I can only give this analogy If I asked you go out the door and up the hill and you would  be in bermuda would you have a problem

Michael: sorry after 4 hours of searching for a tab on a page my spelling is getting strange

Ismael: I am sorry to know this Michael. I dont have system tools to support the UCID issue. I apologize you were routed to me. Please contact us at 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).

Michael: Can you bring up the UCID program on your computer

Michael: Is there anyone at all anywhere in comcast who can deal with issues like this


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Re: I cannot locate the Caller ID address book

From the page that comes up when you click "go to my address book" from the desktop app, you will need to log in and then you will come to "my Account page". You are right sir, thee is no address book tab there. You need to click on "messages and texts", on the left, then you will come to a screen where your address book tab is located towards the top/middle. Best Regards

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Re: I cannot locate the Caller ID address book

Thank you  Now I have returned on several occasions today but every attempt at log-in gives a "log-in failed" message 

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Re: I cannot locate the Caller ID address book

I was finnaly able to log on and when I clicked on "My Account it brought me to this page




There is no "messages and texts" tab on that page. On the left side is a box offering me the oportunity to set up automatic payments. There is a box account activity that shows a o in the upper right corner

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Re: address book

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