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It would be very nice to be able to automatically forward an incoming
call to another number after N rings (N should be configurable from the DVC).

Any chance of this feature being implemented?


steve araiza
Regular Contributor

Re: Forwarding

Hi Steve,

We are looking at a number of ways of improving the features that are offered with Comcast Digital Voice. I'll make sure that your suggestion gets forwarded to the right team, and we'll see if there is a way of getting it added in the future.

Thanks for the post!


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Re: Forwarding

 I asked the Comcast sales person if they could do this before I signed a 2 year contract, and they said 'yes'.  So When I had my service installed several months ago, I insisted that this feature be enabled.  The installer called someone at Comcast and they set it up to ring 4 times before forwarding.


So it worked great until last week.  Now it has stopped working, and everyone I talk to at Comcast claims the ability to do this never existed.  Of course I know it does, because they set it up for a while but now I can't get it back.


VERY FRUSTRATING.  Qwest can do this easily!!  Beginning to regret switching to Comcast triple play.