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Digital Phone providing Spam calls.....

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Digital Phone providing Spam calls.....

We haven't had the digital phone line for very long and are now receiving constant phony scam calls about lowering our credit card accounts. These first started coming from known local numbers......can't figure out why we'd get this call from a waterslide park that we know. But now we are getting it from the same number (567)248-4455. The caller ID said it was from V04052213440005.  Had a friend from another state share that he had gotten a call minutes before us from the SAME phone number but his caller ID said "Phone Scam".  How can we stop this and why is it happening on our digital line? Is this digital setup prone for "spam" like our email??



Re: Digital Phone providing Spam calls.....

Listen up Comcast! 


Call screening for specific numbers is useless against spams and scams. Even if 12 numbers was enough, it won't work because the scammers keep changing their numbers. 

I get several scam phone calls a day. "Do not call" is a joke to these people because, Hello!, they are crooks! The FTC laws work to keep honest businesses in line, but in this regard it is spineless and toothless.


The entities that have the power to do something about these calls are the ISPs and phone service providers. Since Comcast is a big player in both arenas, Comcast can do something about this. It's pretty easy to implement software that blocks these scams. Most of the numbers are obviously bogus. Even the ones that look honest have the same handful of recorded messages, so they can easily identified.


Comcast, if you care about your customers, do something about this. If you don't care about your customers, as you obviously do not, another company that does care about customers will take over your space. As soon as I see an alternative that works, I'm moving.


Or, wait a minute: is it that the scammers are such good customers Comcast doesn't want to alienate them?