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Comcast ports out my phone # without autorization

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Comcast ports out my phone # without autorization

You won't believe my story!

Last April, we got into a 1-2 year contract for the HD Prefered Plus XF Welcome Triple play package. The rep that knocked on our door lied to us, so after complaining we got the modem, 2 digital boxes and the DVR for $7.00 a month plus the $89.99 for the bundle. Total we were paying was $105.00 taxes included.

5 days ago on Monday, I received a call from an ATT technician. He tells me he has a work order to install a phone line "with my number". I told him if he was talking to me is because I owned the #. After 3 calls and my attempts to wake up this guy so he could understand the # was taken he says "I understand". I didn't pay attention to it, I went along with my life.

A day later on Tuesday, I was on the road and I needed to call my wife. I called her, and as soon as I hear a voice I tell my wife in Spanish "honey, I am on my way home, I need you to call our kid's teacher".....when at the other end a lady says "What are you talking about"? I realize she is not my wife. We start a conversation and she tells me "my phone number" was given to her by ATT. I got home, my phone line is dead. I call back our number and the husband answers. He tells me he was with the ATT technician when he made the 3 calls to me "while he was installing the phone line" just to make sure it was working?

After that call, I went next day to the service location in my area and they told me that ATT could "just request your phone # and they couldn't do anything"! The rep said to me that they weren't allowed by law to call me and find out why I was porting out my # to another company, even when the future customer wasn't me! I was furious, I got out out of that building telling them mean words when the rep told me our plan didn;t exist anymore and I would be liable if I didn't agree with paying $138.00 a month, $33.00 more than what our former plan was. A contract that Comcast broke.

That night, I went on line and a rep was chatting with me. She said that I had signed up on line and I had requested my phone # to be ported out to ATT. I got mad again and I just logged off.

For 4 days now, I have been calling and going from reps to technicians and from techinicians to reps and reps to supervisors. One after another they were telling me that I had made a call to request the transfer to ATT. Even a technician told me that he had to escalate the situation so his supervisor would listen to the call I made to port out my # and then he would call me with the result. Of course, I am still waiting for that call and if it wasn't for another supervisor who finally admitted that they had made a mistake and allowed ATT to port out my # without my authorization I would believe I was participating in a movie.


You think everything had a happy ending? No way! I went again on line, I made many calls because then COMCAST wanted me to get into a new contract that would force us to pay more $ a month for the same bundle under different name. Their excuse was that "they didn't have that offer anymore". I yelled, I insulted, I was nice and I begged them to understand that they had broken the deal, not me and because of that they owed me, that I didn't deserve to be punished for their mistake!
Yesterday, it was Friday, I was on the phone with a supervisor , the supervisor checks my account, she tells me my phone is back to Comcast and I should able to make oubound calls (I wasn't able to receive calls). Then, she was just about to change my account to the previous one when mi wife calls me on my cell and tells me she had called and she was promised that we would have the same package, the same price, not a penny less, not a penny more. So I told the supervisor I didn't need her help anymore 'cause my wife had gotten the same deal.

As soon as I hung up talking to the supervisor, I said to myself that I had made a mistake because I didn't need to trust them anymore, that they would screw us up again and again. Yes, they did! Last night I checked the programming abut our Premium channels were not longer active.

We were busy running errands this morning and this afternoon. Evening came and I thought that it took 24 hours for the channels to reset. I turned on both the TV and the DVR and no Premium channels. Guess what? I was on the phone for the 48th hour talking to Comcast reps and being transfered to a supervisor. After telling my story again she says that she will escalate my account problem to a higher level. But before she says good bye, she promised to install the premium channels so I can have a nice weekend.

Yes, you're right, they didn't install the premium channels and there I go to call for the 49th time in less than an hour! I got a technician and after hearing my story (20 minutes of story) he says he can't do anything. I request to be transfered to a supervisor, he obliges and I wait, wait, wait and the rep responds back, he tells me that he had checked my account. There was a work order to have my account reset to the prior deal I had, but he couldn't do anything to have me enjoy the premium channels. So, here I am waiting for this next Tuesday to expect me calling again because now, I really, really don't believe in Comcast anymore! I know I will be mad again because they won't honor the contract they had with us in the beginning.

By the way, when the supervisor told me I was able to receive inbound calls, 20 minutes later I received a call, guess what? It was from a commercial company! I had to press #1 to have my number deleted from their list. Are they nice or what?

My final word. I am prepared to go to FCC and make a complaint. I was accused of calling and then getting into a chat room with technicians to order my own phone # to be transfered to another address and under another name. I have been mostly told that I have to pay for their mistake. I feel that Comcast has made a fool of itself. I feel that my personal information is at risk with Comcast because what it happened to me is a matter of law. I haven't received an apology nor any credit for my pain and suffering. I have called a liar and they haven't said "here you are, you deserve a credit for your pain". Nope, Comcast has failed me and you should be worried Comcast is not stepping to the front admitting they are wrong and they commit costly mistakes that can endanger a life. If I needed my phone to make an emergency call to 911, can you imagine my phone line dead because Comcast made a mistake and they didn't even call me to ask me why I had left their business? Can you imagine one of yours dying because the phone line was dead due to Comcast giving your # to ATT without your authorization?


Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat

This is a Community Forum.


From your long post I can't tell if you have a question the Community can answer or not.


If you want your post tagged for someone from Comcast to contact you next business week, please say so and it will be escalated.



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Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat

Yes, I am so mad at Comcast that I am waiting for anybody to tell me what went wrong and for them to admit their fault.


  Please escalate it.




Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat

For faster results:


Although it isn't obvious, this forum is generally a customer to customer forum and is not actively monitored by Comcast. Although Comcast employees (their usernames are in red) are often here to help, they may not see your specific post. You can send an email to

Comcast corporate customer service (

For the quickest response, please include:
Your full name;
Service address;
Phone number & an alternate number if possible;
Account number;
A link to your post.


 Or you can ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.


Someone from the we_can_help team will get the appropriate people involved.  Most likely you will not be contacted by a member of the team. But you will be contacted by someone at Comcast.


The team is very responsive and contacting them will work better than calling Comcast.


Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat

Mr. Watergun,


This is Terry from tier 2 technical support. I have sent you a private message regarding this matter.

I would love to resolve your issue. Please check your private messages and reply accordingly and I'll do everything that I can to resolve your issue.





Terry Mahnke
Repair Technician II / Incubation.
National Activation Security & Repair (NASR)

Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat





Comcast employees AUTHORIZED to post in this forum have their names in RED and their status-administrator, moderator, or official employee.


termahnke does not have his/her name in RED.


NEVER give personal details to anyone who claims to be a Comcast employee whose name is not in RED.


If their names are in RED and they ask for account info then it is safe to provide them with it via private message or email.


There are very strict rules regarding employees posting here. They cannot post in an official capacity and they cannot state they are employees. While they may be Comcast reps, there is no way to verify if they actually are. And lets be real, there are dishonest people in the world who want your information so they can use it for themselves.


TO TERMHNKE, while you may be an employee of Comcast and you do want to help I have provided watergun with a way to escalate the issue. If watergun contacts the we_can_help team that will be all that is necessary in order to resolve the problem. Someone will contact watergun and work with him/her-involving anyone else will only complicate matters.



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Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat


Please do not send any Community members personal information. Anyone asking for your information in a Private Message may indeed be a Comcast employee but we have made it easy and visible for all to identify Comcast Employees and Admins of this community.

There forum ID will be in Red along with the Comcast profile for Employee.

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Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat

Sorry to interrupt..please tell me how to get to a chat room


Re: Comcast ports out my phone # without autorizat

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