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Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare.

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Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare.

I've basically come here to beg.   I've come here to beg for a Xfinity Voice service tech or rep to contact me and help me end this nightmare of an ordeal I am having.   I know there are really/truly knowledgeable and GREAT techs and Customer Service Reps who work for Comcast.  I had one such technician over here 2 days ago to fix my initial X1 install who was wonderful. I have spent too much time on the phone or on the online chat with customer service.  Can someone please, please help me?

We moved on July 11th to a new home just a few miles away from our old home.  My wife called Comcast to prepare to transfer the service and was told we could keep our phone numbers since we were moving locally.  This was great news since my wife runs a business out of the house and all of her clients and vendors use these numbers to contacts her.


On July 15th technicians came out to install X1-TV/Internet/Security and Voice.  They were here almost all day (and I appreciated their hard work)  When they left they told us we would have 2 temporary phone numbers and that our old numbers would port over in 3-5 days.  (Also when they left I discovered that several of my family member's pre
Fast Forward to 5 days later (7/20).  I call to confirm that the numbers are going to be ported and after being transferred 4-5 times (to the wrong departments)  I am assured that the numbers will be ported over.  I am told I can expect this to happen by July 25th (today).

This morning my wife calls customer service to ask if she needs to do anything (restart the modem etc.) in order to ensure the numbers port successfully.  She is told "we have no record of any request like that and anywya I don't think you can do that".  This obviously frustrates her, so she calls back and tries another rep.  He tells her "let me transfer you to a supervisor" and then disconnects her.  She calls back one more time and makes some progress.  The third rep tells her "yes, you can still get your numbers back", asks for all the pertinent information and puts her on hold and then disconnects.  After 3 hours of holding and being hung-up on, she gives up in utter frustration and let's me try.
I call customer service at 1:50pm.  I actually get a helpful rep who understands our situation and checks to see if she can get our numbers ported.  She puts me on hold and comes back and says "yes! we can do this for you.  However, I do not have to access to do it, so my supervisor will call you back in one hour (no later than 3pm) and will go through the process with you.


 I thanked her for being helpful and and politely explained that we had so many customer service reps fail to call back, transfer us to the wrong department, or just plain hang up on us and I would appreciate if she could give me some kind of confirmation number.  She gave me her "operator ID" and told me I could get in touch with her that way.


It is now 4pm and her supervisor has not called me as promised.  So I called back and asked to check in with the per who gave me her operator number.  I was told that they couldn't connect me to her but a new rep would help me!!!!!  I was livid but I always stay polite with the reps I am speaking to, because they deal with angry/upset people all day.


So then, I was given a new rep named Laura whow as very sweet, polite and put me on holdwhile she checked to make sure my numbers were still available.  They were!!  Great!!  Then she put me on hold again to have the numbers ported.  She came back on the line and told me that they had to verify something with billing and she would transfer me to "Trevor" who would connect me with his supervisor and get everything ported.  She assured me I would not be disconnected. I said "okay, thank you so much!".  I was then put on hold and waited for 30 minutes.  Then suddenly.... I WAS DISCONNECTED.  (what a surprise)


I'd absolutely fed up.  We have had other major issues (severed underground cable at old address) that I won't' bother getting into in detail but over the past 2 months I have spent countless hours on the phone with Comcast Customer Service and it has been a nightmare.  I'm sick and tired of being transferred to the wrong department after holding for 20+ minutes.  I'm sick and tired of reps assuring me things will happen and having techs not show or or call at the scheduled time.  I'm sick and tired or being essentially lied to.

I know there is some great technician or rep out there who can help me.  I've seen them post on these boards.  The tech who came out to my house 2 days ago said he posted here.  If you're out there and read this please contact me.  I would greatly appreciate it.  

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Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

I wish I had good news for you.  The first Tech i spoke to told me that process takes 2 weeks max.  Then when I went ahead with the process they told me only 3 days.  Two week later when my old service was shut off, the number never ported and I lost it.  Time to learn a new number!  Real bummer.


Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

I ported from Verizon to Comcast and it took 4 days. If you need to escalate, send an email to "ComcastExecutive_Support2@cable.comcast.com" and you will get a response and a followup phone call within one day by a US representative (not outsourced). Good luck
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Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

Thank you very much for your advice. I sincerely appreciate it!! I will send an email to that address and hopefully I will get some kind of response.


I just need to get in touch with someone who is willing and able to port the numbers.  Yet everytime I called today and it seemed like they were ready to have someone finally port the numbers,  I was been transfered to the wrong department, put on hold and then disconnected, or  told I will recieve a call back from a supervisor (which of course never actually happens).  I even gave them my cell phone number as a "call back" number in case we got disconnected (of course none of them bothered to call back.


ralfo72 wrote:
I ported from Verizon to Comcast and it took 4 days. If you need to escalate, send an email to "ComcastExecutive_Support2@cable.comcast.com" and you will get a response and a followup phone call within one day by a US representative (not outsourced). Good luck



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Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

I feel your pain. But you are right. If you can ever find the right person, they can help. Here is my story:


I recently moved into a new house. Previously, my TV, inteernet and phone were attached to my son-in-law's account. On July 3rd, a technician installed Comcast Triple Play. My email account, my wife's email account and our phone number were supplsed to be ported to my new account.There were lots of delays and problems. HBO and STARZ worked with my set top box but not with TIVO. After two failed technician visits I was told it was a TIVO problem and I should contact them. It suddenly started working on its own. My email account was transferred over after a few days but it took several more days and lots of phone calls to get my wife's email over.
As of July 15, our phone number had still not been ported to our new residence. I spent many hours talking to people and on hold. I got different answers from everybody and transferred from one department to another. For two weeks I was told to wait 24-48 hours. On july 14, I was told it had been excalated and I would receive a phone call either later that day or the next morning. No phone call!
On July 16, I called again to talk to someone about porting the phone number. He checked on the status and saw where it had been requested multiple times but informed me that for some reason it had never been initiated. He was going to start the process over again and I might have to wait another 24-48 hours. He transferred me to an automated response unit where I answered some emergency response questions and stated I had the authority to make the change. Within an hour, the port was complete. I'm glad it has finally been handled but I totally don't understand why it took so long to get it done.
A separate issue is that when I ordered the package, I was quoted detail prices on the monthly costs. They failed to mention the $60 to install three products or the $39.95 for a technician visit to do the install. This seems a little pricey to install something they are going to continue to charge me handsomely for month after month.
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Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

I finally got in touch with a customer service rep via the Online Chat feature. Interestingly, I have found the online chat to be far more useful than the 800 number.  In my experience it seems that the representatives working via the online chat are more knowledgeable and more willing to help (plus, they can't keep transferring you or put you on hold and then disconnect you if they don't want to deal with you).


I got a wonderful rep named "Ma", who was polite, patient, and beyond helpful. Unfortunately, she informed me that I could not get back my old phone numbers but at least she explained why it was not possible (the "rate center" that handled my old numbers did not extend to the location of my new home which can cause issues locating your house if you ever have to call 911),  While this was disappointing (other reps had assured me it would be no problem), Ma at least gave me a valid and reasonable explanation as to why porting my old numbers wasn't possible, which is more than I got calling the 800 number and being hung up on.


I asked Ma if I could at least get a number in my previous area code (I live in the suburbs of Chicago and new phone numbers are usually assigned to new "expansion" area codes which can be unfamiliar to those who don't recognize them.)  Luckily there were two numbers in my old area code available that were just one number off from eachother, so I was able to have those replace the numbers I was assigned by the technicians during the installation.  Ma pushed the transfer through instantly rather than making me wait 24-48 hours because she saw on my account notes how much time I had spent on the 800 number over the past week trying to get a solution.


After the port, she had me call out from both lines and she called me on both lines to test them.  They worked!!! I was so happy to have decent customer service that it was oddly exciting to have things working as they should!!!


She asked if there was anything else she could do for me and I told her my called ID on my TV screens wasn't working but I figured that might require me to chat with an xfinity TV rep and if so I understood and could do that later.  She said "no problem!  I'm happy to get that working!"  It turns out the caller ID via TV screen feature was never turned on on my account (though it was on under settling on each of my boxes; so she got that turned on and working too!  


She also noticed I had the home security system and asked if my voicemail app on the touchpad was working.  I checked an it was still set on he temporary numbers (and had never really worked).  She did an update to my account and told me that it might take 24 hours but the voicemail app would sync with the server and start working with my new numbers.  About 6 hours later I checked, and sure enough it was working!


I was lucky.  I  finally found "the right" rep!!!  As I said and was confirmed by posters above they ARE out there.  I was so pleased I not only gave her the highest possible praise and grade on the survey but I also asked my rep for her ID number so I could write an email to "care_thankyou@comcast.com" and express my gratitude and tell them what a exemplary customer service rep she was.  I even CC'd some Comacst customer service, digital voice, and HR execs on the email (I doubt they will ever see if, but I was euphoric after finally having a pleasant CS experience I wanted to do something nice for the rep and it didn't take much effort to paste come addresses into the CC field).  Hopefully, she at least gets some praise from her supervisor.  


Anyway... It took a long time and a lot of frustration but now pretty much all of my Xfinity services are not up and working.  A tech had to come out to tweak the signal to get the AnyRoom feature to work (the contractors who installed it did a decent job but the signal was just out of the acceptable range).  Today a crew came to bury the cable lines they ran in our backyard.   I think my long nightmare is over.


Many thanks to those who replied with advice of their own experiences!!!  I hope you find solutions to your issues!!  And if "Ma"" is out there somewhere THANK YOU!!!!   


NOTE: I would recomend more people try to online chat option as I have recieved far, far better quality of service through the chat than the phone number.

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Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

I am having the exact same problem.  Did they ever resolve it.  I am trying to get someone at comcast to help me but they say they will call me back but do not.

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Re: Comcast Please Help Me! Phone # port nightmare

I have been having the same problems, plus a few others with comcast.  I finally got my number ported TODAY!


Call the 800-comcast

go through the voice mail HELLo to get to the telephone tech support

tell the person you need to transfer to 1936845 - this is a supervisor that finally got my number done


Good Luck!

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