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Cannot call my parent's phone

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Cannot call my parent's phone

I have the triple play from Comcast.  My phone and Internet work very well, but my home phone is another story.  I am not able to call my parents landline.  They live in Iowa, and when I call them, the call either never goes through, or on the rare occasion that the call does go through, the quality is horrible (lots of interference sounds and always a fairly significant delay).  I have called Customer Service 3-4 times.  Comcast has elevated 3-4 times.  I finally started working with a "telephone engineer" rep who has been fairly useless.  He calls to tell me the phone should work now, but when I call to test, I have the same problems and nothing has been fixed.  Last night when i called him to again explain that the service still wasn't fixed, he tried to point the finger on my mom and dad's phone company.  This angered me, because I had explained that i can always get through my cell phone.  I even called their number from my cell with this "engineer" on the phone to prove that he was incorrect.  For good measure, I had my dad contact their phone company, and he confirmed that nothing is wrong on their line.  (I'm also able to call my parents' house from my friend's landline, from my brother's landline and my cell without any issues.  i am not a fan of the finger pointing as an excuse for not being able to help.  Very poor customer service, in my opinion.  (that and the fact that he keeps telling me all is well when it isn't, of course).   


I was really fed up, so I called Comcast today to cancel the phone service.  The rep told me that to cancel the phone would actually cost MORE because I'm on some introductory offer (which doesn't sound right to me based on what he said I'm paying) It just doesn't make any sense.  Anyway, I'm looking for any help I can get -- users who've had similar problems, or a rep at Comcast who might actually be able to help?? Thanks in advance for any support you can provide.

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Re: Cannot call my parent's phone

Thank you
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