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Cannot access VM online

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Cannot access VM online

I've had comcast voice for a year and have never been able t o access VM online. I can get call manager and call detail, but VM says "Voice mail unavailable" no error message.


Also I can change VM and related settings, but they don't save even when I click save.


VM works fine on the telephone, no problems there.


I open a ticket the other day for several issues.

  1. no VM access online

  2. no caller-ID on TV screen, yes it is turned on in the settop box settings.

  3. VM on phone keeps giving us a new VM message, but none there >>>>> this issue has been fixed.

  4. Internet was slow on some pages. >>> this seems much better.


#CR269943223 - I have not heard back on the status of my ticket, but some things are working better as noted above.

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Re: Cannot access VM online - fixed

Ok, everything is now working, not sure if it was my ticket or this post, but it all works.




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Re: Cannot access VM online

I have same issue, I see the VM tab in my menu but it takes me straight to email only