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Can't setup "NOMOROBO" on 2nd Xfinity Phone

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Can't setup "NOMOROBO" on 2nd Xfinity Phone

We own two homes with Xfinity phone service for both w/separate Xfinity accounts. We're using "NOMOROBO" with some success (thank you very much). In trying to enable NOMOROBO on the 2nd account phone, the process is easy till I encounter this Xfinity step: "Hi Jim, Please verify your password recovery options" "Two options needed" "Please specify a email address we can send a verification code; you can't use or accts." I tried my Windows email account. Auto response was error: "Sorry that email account is already in use" (I presume from setting up phone #1). I found and used my obscure Gmail email account & continued to the next step. I could not complete the required 2nd password verification option because it called for a mobile phone number which had already been used in setting up the 1st phone, so I received another similar error msg: "Sorry that number is already in use" Is there a easier way fo me to set up our #2 phone for NOMOROBO?  As owner of both Xfinity accounts, it should be legit for me to re-use the same email & mobile #'s. Thank you.

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Re: Can't setup "NOMOROBO" on 2nd Xfinity Phone


jimichrome1, as with the email option, there needs to be a unique identifier for the phone number. I know an additional number is hard to come by compared to email. I recommend perhaps using a Google Voice number.