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Calling overseas


Calling overseas

I have been trying to Call the United Kingdom for a few weeks now and I see during the evening that I get a recording that says all circuits are busy.. Ok im used to that happening "back in the day" So if anyone can tell me how to properly place a call to the UK i would greatly appreciate it. I know to dial the Country code 011 and the city code 208 and all but either my call doesnt go through or I get a recording from their end. Is it possible to call a Mobile phone there ?
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Re: Calling overseas

Hello akajulie,


Please try this:

Dial 011, country code, city code and then phone number. In your case, the country code is 44 for the United Kingdom.

It should look like this: 011-44-208-Phone number. The link is FAQs to making an international call. Yes, you can call a wireless phone.  If you still have issues, please contact us by calling 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).


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Re: Calling overseas

I was trying to fax something to France and kept getting "this number has been disconnected"- I called comast and the person basically had no idea what to tell me- saying I did not need 011 and just needed the country code (33)


We, I figured out how to call. The French (and other european countries) use a zero at the beginning of the number that is NOT used when dialing country-to country (only for inside the country)


so the example is this:


French phone number: 01 37 45 xx xx


Dial it from Comcast: 011 33 1 37 45 xx xx (leaving out the first zero in the number)