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Call Screening List is Gone

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Call Screening List is Gone

I just went into my Call Screening online to update as I've been bothered all day by a telemarketer & wanted to block the number. To my surprise, my existing list of numbers to block is now empty.  How could this happen?  No one has access to my account, but me, so I'm finding this very strange.  Any suggestions??


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Re: Call Screening List is Gone

Lucky you, I have been on the phone since last week trying to get my service set up correctly and I am not even able to FIND the CALL SCREENING area, even though I am putting people on there. 

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Re: Call Screening List is Gone

For what it's worth (hmmm), Panasonic offers several cordless phones with call screening.  Also, there's a really, really great device called "CallerID with Ring Controller".  That allows one to block entire area codes (I used to get telemarketing calls from area "000") plus other options for screening.


Unfortunately with the telemarketers, they have whole phone banks.  Blocking just one or two numbers won't do much when they can call using 200+ other phone numbers (or spoofed ones).


This is a reputable company as I've ordered from them before:



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