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Call Blocking/screening recommendations

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Call Blocking/screening recommendations

CenturyLink has a feature that when calling a number, has a "no solicitation" feature where every call is answered with "This number does not accept solicitation. If you are a solicitor, hang up and add this number to your no call list. If you are not a solicitor, press 1 to be connected". While this is happening your phone is not ringing.  Have talked to many many people that use this feature and not one solicitation call has come through, except for charities, etc. which are legal.


Why can't Comcast add this feature to their options for call screening.  My call rejecting of 12 people is full, as they spoof numbers, names, area codes, etc., to show a different caller, and Comcast does not increase the 12 numbers after being asked many many times in the forums and calling tech support.


Guess it is getting time to change phone, internet, and TV Providers and vote with my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Call Blocking/screening recommendations

Comcast is about to lose me as a customer due to the number of garbage calls I get from their phone service.  I think the suggestion offered above is quite good (rotate the number a bit so they can't program automatic responses), the fact is that I hardly ever get junk calls on my cell phone.  So, I guess the solution is to drop Voice with Comcast and use cell entirely.  Unless, someone knows of a similar service mentioned (as I would prefer my non-cell phone).  Does anyone from Comcast read the support feedback?