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CIDPC070 Message every 5 minutes for 20 seconds.


CIDPC070 Message every 5 minutes for 20 seconds.

I've been watching my PC's Caller ID application from Comcast, and would like to know if this is consistant with what others are seeing as well.  Like almost clockwork, every 5 minutes the following message appears.


Service unavailable. When the service becomes available reconnection will automatically be attempted. [CIDPC070].


The white button which normally displays the word Disconnect changes to Connect


Then following a 20-25 second wait, the message goes away and reconnection is established, and the white botton is once again showing Disconnect.  I've also observed that when the message first appears, and this button indicates Connect, that I can reconnect immediately without waiting the 20 seconds or so to have it do so automatically.


This has been happening 24/7 since first loading the Caller ID application on my pc.


BTW All three boxes Remember me, Auto-connect at launch, and Launch at startup are checked.


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Re: CIDPC070 Message every 5 minutes for 20 seconds.

The caller id on the pc... we've had intermittently working for a year now. However. we've been getting the CIDPC070 codes over and over again on the pc and seems to reconnect itself and wont alert at all when we get a call, so relying on the tv caller id to work. But both working *all of the time has not been the case since we've had it. Its a great feature just wish it wasnt so buggy. Afraid to reinstalll cause i'm seeing from previous threads that's doing so is not 100 percent sureproof. Any suggestions?