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Backup battery not included

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Backup battery not included

I understand that I need to upgrade my voice/internet modem and this equipment is free of charge, but the backup battery has to be purchased. I have been leasing the modem with battery backup for about 9 years, we live in the country, where power outages are fairly common in the winter. Cell service isn't great, we still have a little over a year left on a contract that when we agreed to it we were promised the price would not go up. We are both in our 60's and unless we cough up the additional cost for the back up battery, we will have to walk 1/4 mile to neighbors house to use phone if power is out and we have some sort of emergency. Doesn't seem fair or justified. Probably won't upgrade until we absolutely have to.
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Re: Backup battery not included

You can get the batteries cheaper on ebay and other 2nd hand sites, or you can just buy a UPS or a generator and plug the modem into that instead to accomplish the same thing, and those would power other devices too, so wouold probably be a better investment in the long run anyway.


But it's better to replace the modem now, and be without service for only a few minutes while activating, than replacing the modem later when Comcast stops allowing D2 modems to be used, and be without service for a few days.

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Re: Backup battery not included

Chances are that if you've been using the equipment for 9 years and haven't changed the battery, it's not going to work for you.  Batteries, depending on type, may only last for 2-3 years. 


If you want to be sure the backup will be there when you need it, you should test the battery by disconnecting the AC power and seeing how long you can still use the phone.


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Re: Backup battery not included

Am I the only one that sees the larger picture here? Comcast has decided to shift more cost onto the customer as they have less and less options. The "old phones" were low voltage and usually still worked during a power outage. Then, along came The Cable Company who promissed phone service, "just like the phone company" and they originally included the back-up battery, as they should have. The government used to stand firm on requiring this from the non-phone companies in case a  911 emergency call was needed during a power failure. The government no longer requires this, I presume, do to some expert lobby work by the cable companies. A lot of people do not have back-up power supplies lying around the house and still depend on an old fashioned land line. We need to support those people.

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Re: Backup battery not included

If there is a power outage, then lots of times the modem is unable to establish block sync with the CMTS anyway so a battery backup wouldn't matter.

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Re: Backup battery not included

John3758 wrote: If there is a power outage, then lots of times the modem is unable to establish block sync with the CMTS anyway so a battery backup wouldn't matter.

Very true. It's a shame they don't bother to maintain the backups that are intended to run the system when AC power is lost. But who ever needs to call anyone during a power failure, right?

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Re: Backup battery not included

Wow.  Comcast determined through user input (???) that a back-up battery is not important, since most customers have a mobile phone to use in the event of power failure.  Uh, that is, if the mobile phone is charged.


Quit whining, and start looking for a way to dump Comcast.  In the meantime, do like me.  I ordered a back-up battery for the cable modem on eBay for less than $6, delivered.  It arrived in 3 days, and took 30 seconds to install.  OR, you could accept the gracious offer from Comcast, and buy it from them for $35, plus $5.95 for delivery.


They will continue to supply us with unnecessary, unwanted junk, at higher and higher prices, until we sheep make the decision to move on.  By the way, the cable modem I got free-of-charge, was accompanied by a $3 increase in the monthly charge for internet access.  How about you?

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Re: Backup battery not included

You caught my drift exactly, funny only one other respondent saw it the same way. What ever happened to by lateral agreements?
I agreed to change my service to a VoIP system only with the assurance that I would still have service for at least 8-10 hours should he power go off. Then to stem the ever increasing price of service at least for a time agreed to a two year contract in exchange for a "guaranteed" price. That was a little over a year ago and now this. Oh and one of the respondents said they are now being charged an additional $3 per month for the equipment, can't wait to see my bill.
I will complain to state PUC but I expect they have been bought off by lobbyists as well.

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Re: Backup battery not included

Worked fine last winter in a 6-1/2 hour outage
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Re: Backup battery not included

Tilerod, Comcast customer service assured me there would be no charge for the new cablemodem, or a higher monthly fee for the cable modem rental.  The additional $3 was simply a straight increase in the monthly charge for internet service.


So, the new, better, no-battery-backup-included, really is FREE!  But now, internet is $36/yr more.


I am still researching other options for phone service.  It is very complicated, since our home alarm system will need to change to a cell-based monitor, and faxing is problematic with VOIP.  And, junk calls have been a problem, and Comcast only lets you block 12 numbers (perhaps 24 if you use the "secret *60 method to add numbers).


Work in progress. 


Best regards to all my fellow-sufferers.

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