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Keep backups of your web site

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Keep backups of your web site

Someone recently posted about lost web pages. I don't know what the problem was or whether that user came to the help forum to ask for help. The people who help here are customers like you. We can't look at the Comcast web server other than through our normal web browser access.


Anyone who has a web site needs to have backups of their pages.

The Comcast web page system does not give you an easy way to make those backups. That's one of the drawbacks to using Comcast's page creation system. However, you can look at the created pages with your web browser and make an archive.


In Chrome, I chose File / Save Page As ... and Web Page, Complete. I could do that for each page. Each page will have its own HTML file and an associated folder of resources. Firefox did something similar.

If you use a third-party page creation tool, you will have a backup on your home system.

I strongly urge everyone to have a backup of their web pages and especially any web pages hosted Comcast. Comcast does not provide customer support for the customer web pages. Some Comcast people will try to help, but there isn't much information out there. I have no inside knowledge of whether they will or will not be supported in the future. But Comcast could pull the plug on customer web pages at any time. This is not a feature you pay for. They don't advertise the service. Comcast could delete it at any time. I'm not saying that they will, but you should be prepared for that possibility.


Make backups.


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Re: Keep backups of your web site

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Beside using some kind of build your own site where the hosting company has some crummy tools to create a basic site, I don't know how anyone can create a site with medium complexity and not have it on their pc and have the site files on the drive.


I am far from a web designer, but do have 5 web sites hosted by a major hosting provider, and part of that is I'm using Microsoft Expressions Web (the Front Page replacement).  All my sites are on my local drive so I can launch the program, edit any of the pages for the sites, and FTP them to the hosting server.


I guess these people who just copy files to PWP and not keep a copy need major training on how to do it properly, and the consequences.


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Re: Keep backups of your web site

If you build your web site using Comcast's PWP tools, you won't have any of its pages on your home machine. The same is true if you use Google Sites.


In those cases, you need to make your own backup and may have to do it page-by-page as I noted above.


For my business site (not hosted at Comcast), I have a complete copy on my home machine where it is backed up with my other files.

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Re: Keep backups of your web site

I use a different easier solution for my backups.  

I simply open the page and copy and past the entire thing into a WORD DOC.  then save it in WORD.


I've usually update the WORD docs every month or so and have had to do back and copy/paste some info to restore a section or full page.


I know its a simple way and  it may mess up some formatting, but at least I still have my info if anything is lost.

It may also be an easier trick for some not-so-saavy computer users.