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Files not correct after uploading with FTP client

I'm using FireFTP in Firefox as my FTP client.  I want to upload files to myfolderlocker for use as an online storage (not as a backup scheme, just as an archive).  After I upload files, they do not show the correct file size.  In fact, often the file size lists as "0".  Attempting to open/download them fails because there is no data in the "0" length file.  Viewing in Windows Explorer confirms the "0" length file.


If I use a Windows Explorer window to connect and then drag/drop from another Explorer window, the files all copy with correct size, but they also show today's date instead of the orginal creation date (that's why I want to use the FTP client).  Does anyone know why this happens?

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Re: Files not correct after uploading with FTP client

I don't know.


Are you trying to do a lot of files or just one at a time as a test? One of the FTP programs was having trouble doing a large number of files in a directory. You might experiment with that. 


Another odd thing to check is whether your router firmware is up-to-date. A problem with FTP is what first brought me to this forum many years ago. I didn't know router firmware could be updated. Doing so fixed my FTP problem.