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Deleting PDF file from Free Adobe Reader 9

When I open my file page in Adobe Reader 9, I have 5 files listed. I have tried to delete them but nothing happens. Checked Adobe forum and did not see a solution. Is there an answer to this ?


Running Windows XP. Free Adobe Reader 9.


Not sure if this is the correct forum to be posting this.





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Re: Deleting PDF file from Free Adobe Reader 9

Definitely the wrong forum - not even the correct company.  This is to help Comcast customers build and maintain their personal web pages on Comcast servers. 


If you want to delete files, try Windows Explorer instead of Adobe Reader.


Cheers, Neil.

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Re: Deleting PDF file from Free Adobe Reader 9

No, this isn't the right forum. Search the web for 'delete recent list adobe reader' 

Someone suggests Go to Edit/Preferences/Startup and set Maximum documents in most-recently used list to 1.