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Comcast Sucks as they loose personal web pages

In my opinion Comcast sucks.  They lost my 26 page 400 picture personal web site.  Took me four times to find someone who would listen to the problem.  Even though I started with a chat talk that specifically detailed the problem with missing personal web pages, 14 days later they called to help me resolve my log in problem with my Android Ixfinity application.  Luckily I wouldn't put any Comcast applications  on my phone.


Finally Aaron called to try and help, but guess what.  He had to depend on another division of Comcast and got nothing from them.  From July 31 to August 24th 99% of Comcast Customer Service was BS in my opinion.  Like I said, only Aaron tried to help.


Makes you wonder if they can't recover your personal web pages if any of your information is safe on Comcast from being lost.  With the exception of your billing information.


In my opinion they can't run a cable company with any high degree of customer service there to resolve problems.  Makes you wonder how Comcast could possibly run a TV network.  In my opinion Comcast may change the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) into the Nincompoop Broadcasting Clowns.  For NBC's sake I hope that is not true.


Bottom line, think twice before trusting Comcast with your personal web pages because in my opinion


                            Comcast Sucks

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Re: Comcast Sucks as they loose personal web pages

I just lost quite a few pages on my PWP last night and they are clueless as to what happened.  What bothers me the most is that they didn't even have the decency to acknowledge that there are others having the same problems. That would at least take some of the sting out of things instead of leading me on like I was some kind of incompetent user thinking I did something wrong.


Well I lost a lot of important information that needed to be seen by all for an event coming up next month.  Thank goodness they waited til only two days before final registrations to screw things up for us.


totally unreliable webpages.

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Re: Comcast Sucks as they loose personal web pages

The Comcast web pages and especially the web page building tool is totally unsupported. You will not find anyone at Comcast who will support them. Well, if you prod hard enough and persistently enough, you may find someone who can track down someone who knows something. Maybe.


If you need to web pages, put them someplace reliable.


If you want to host your web pages at Comcast, use some other tool to build them and keep backups.