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Will OnDemand content playback in HD on the XBOX 360 if I don't subscribe to HD?

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I noticed a lot of the content that's available on the xfinity on demand app for the XBOX 360 is HD only for the channels I subscribe to and there is no standard definition option for the show.   Since I do not subscribe to comcast HD service will I still be able to play that HD show on my XBOX 360 since I have the XBOX 360 hooked up to a 1080p TV via HDMI? Also will the show play at the lesser standard definition quality or the HD quality that the show is in?


Louis Achilles

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Why don't you try it out and see?  Let us know.  It would be nice if you could get the HD through there and not be paying for it.  I will tell you this though.  If you go to your cable box on demand and try to access an hd show from there what happens?  If you can't do it through there its probably not going to work on your xbox.

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No it doesn't work from the cable box says I am nit a subscriber need to upgrade service when I do it through the cable box.  From the xbox it plays the video anyway. I guess it plays the video anyway since its the only option and since the xbox 360 is my equipment anyway the cable company probably isn't too concerned that  the people who don't pay extra 9.95 each month for HD get the HD on the xbox 360 since thats just a fee to rent hd equipment from comcast.  However I noticed the quality does vary like at first the video is standard def and then adjusts to the high def quality about 30 seconds into the show or if you fastforward the show a bit it plays in sd for a couple seconds before switchign back to HD quality so the video quality is obviously based on the bandwith and how much data that can be downloaded every second on your internet connection decides the picture quality of the video just like when watch episodes on the xfinitytv website with your PC.