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Who fixes On Demand programs?

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Who fixes On Demand programs?

From what I've read, there's no one at Xfinity to get help from regarding poorly loaded On Demand programs. I spent 40 minutes in a useless online chat, only to realize the "tech support" had almost no idea what I was talking about, and had no access to the actual shows listed in the On Demand feature. He sent a "restart" command to my non-X1 box, which did nothing, because my box isn't the problem.

The problem is, when I want to view X-Files, Season 8, Episode 9 (X-Files 809), I start seeing digital artifacts after about 15 minutes. Seems like the show wasn't put on correctly to the On Demand server. It starts sending 2 streams of the same show, from both the 15+ minute mark, and then the 0+ minute mark. This happens with BOTH the SD and HD boxes and channels.

So, "real Comcast employees," can you fix this before the shows are no longer available On Demand????

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Re: Who fixes On Demand programs?

I'm having the same problem with season 7, episode 1 - about 5 minutes into the episode it looks like there are 2 data streams that start coming through, both from the same episode but one of the data streams starts at the beginning.  You can't hear either episode, just a bunch of horrid noise, and the visual is all messed up too, parts of the screen show one data stream and parts of the screen shows another, with lots of digital artifacts.  I did not resolve after the first commercial break so it's obviously an issue with the episode itself.

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Re: Who fixes On Demand programs?

OK, I have addressed this issue before on the phone. On demand is getting worse by the day. I get the same answer about the networks setting up the on demand programming. I don't buy this excuse. I am paying COMCAST for this service. There should NOT be any missing episodes and there should not be an additional charge for some episodes and not others. Resetting the box does nothing. If anyone from Comcast is monitoring this forum, I suggest you fix this on demand problem. I am your customer. Stop blaming the networks. The on demand feature is supposed to be part of my service. There are more options every week out there to replace cable. I am getting tired of trying to find an episode only to find it is missing or there is an extra charge to watch. If Comcast doesn't value my business enough to fix this I have no choice but to go elsewhere.

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Re: Who fixes On Demand programs?

Good title question. Comcast has repeatedly said that what gets posted is purely the doings of the network providers. I.e., Comcast is providing the platform that allows for materials be streamed to our various cable boxes. It’s a great capability, technically, but often with problems in how episodes are provided by various networks.

You might try what I did the other week: find the providing TV network’s twitter page and send THEM a message explaining the Comcast On Demand problem with their show.

When I did so recently for a missing Syfy show (Z Nation), it was fixed within 48 hours. Comcast’s On Demand Team had ostensibly been in contact with Syfy for 2 weeks prior, with no fix results. It could very well be coincidence that my fix occurred soon after the Twitter contact, that it was forthcoming anyway, but it would be interesting to hear and see if contacting providers via Twitter gets more and quicker fixes, generally. (Comcast gives us little insight into what does and doesn’t work.)

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Re: Who fixes On Demand programs?

FWIW, SyFy is owned by NBC which is owned by Comcast, an evil vicious circle.
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Re: Who fixes On Demand programs?

I’m a tech and it sounds like a connection issue behind your wallplate. If it’s a satellite connector, or loose connection, it will do that. You will know if it’s a satellite connector, most of them have a blue center.
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