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Ultra HD Sampler / All Episodes problem

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I tested the "Ultra HD Sampler" this morning. The only episodes that work are the ones with a picture of the episode.


The "All Episodes" folder does not open to "season 1", etc. when pressing select on remote. It appears the link to each season folder is missing. I have tried the "All Episodes" folder for all 5 shows with the same result.

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To be more specific about this coding problem, it looks like a sub-routine common to all 5 shows on this app. The "All Episodes" folder should be set up to open when the select button on my remote is pressed and control code is entered. It seems the control is not recognised at this point in the programing.


The select button works fine for all other parts of the app. Also; the app shows the correct numbers of episodes for each show so they should still be in the data base.

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I have this exact same problem. The app navigates fine, it plays content fine, EXCEPT I can't press the "View All Episodes" button at the end of each show's list of episode thumbnails. Using the remote to select that button does nothing whatsoever.


My experience is from a Samsung KS8000 series (2016 model).

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Thank you for your reply. I was hoping someone would confirm what I saw. Hopefully they are working on the problem. They have fixed past problems I have reported.

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As of 1/7/17, the app is still not getting to past episodes using the icon.


Is anyone being allowed to fix the app?

Or is the problem that none of these past episodes can be watched since Comcast's current rights to show them has expired?

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I checked the "Ultra HD Sampler" app again this morning 1/10/17. While I can play the latest 4 episodes from any of the 5 shows shows available using the episode icon without any problem, I still cannot get to any older season episodes using All Episodes icon.

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As of today, I noticed the app version was now "2017 01 10" but the app still does not show any more older episodes when the All Episodes icons are selected. Nothing new has been added for months. Only the 4 episodes shown for the 5 shows will play.

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App still has problems reported as of 1/18/17. Anyone being allowed to work on it?

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I just checked the app again this morning. It shows a new version: 2017_01_24.


My Samsung TV is version: 1467 (latest).


Nothing has changed on the working of the app. "All Episodes" icon does not function when select button on remote is pushed. There are also no new tv shows on the app.



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It has now been over a month with this program control (All Episodes) not functioning to allow us to watch the the older episodes on the 5 tv shows. The home page of "Ultra HD Sampler" app shows the show count for each of the 5 tv shows, but only the last 4 with icons play.


I think by now at least one Comcast employee on the forum could explain whether the extra shows are blocked (contract reasons) or they have not been able to fix the coding problems yet.



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Well as of today, 2/9/17, it seems they have added one new episode of "Superstore" and also one episode of " Suits 1/25/17". In this case they skipped about 3 episodes in between this one and the last one shown for "Suits" in 4K version. It doesn't make much sense. We still cannot view the older episodes as mentioned many time here.

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Well we have now gone almost 2 months since I reported this problem. The app has not been fixed. No new shows or episodes since about 3 weeks ago. Two episodes since the first of the year.


I can add the Amazon app for $100. for a year and get about a dozen different 4K series and same for 4K movies. It is getting difficult to stick with Comcast and it's cost especially after loosing almost all of the Full HD (1080) channels. When are you guys going to get serious about getting any 4K programing?

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We just got one episode of "Superstore" this morning. Old episodes listed it the count by each different show still cannot be accessed. That is an average of just one single new episode given us each month since 1/1/17.


Maybe the pinned anouncement of the "Ultra HD Sampler" app show be labelled "Beta version". I notice the version changed to: 2017_03_01.

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Problem not fixed yet. No replies from Comcast yet on what is going on with this app.

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Problem Solver

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Evidently NBC donated one episiode of Super Store (from 2/16/17) to this app. "That's all folks ! "

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Problem Solver

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Another episode of Superstore (2/23/17) was added today. But still no reply from Comcast on whether the All Episodes folders are just blocked or a unresolved coding problem.

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Problem Solver

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The next episode of Super Store (03/16/17) was added 3/30/17. The version of the "Ultra HD Sampler" app was changed to 2017_03_30.


Someone may finally be working on the app. Another episode from 03/23/17 was added and found on 4/1/17.

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I would just like to point out the the last Episode of "Outlanders" season 2 can be found on Starz. You can find it since the Watchathon is taking place right now. It is listed ON DEMAND as episode 213 (1.5 hours long) and can be viewed in 1080i.


The final episode in 4K never made it to the "Ultra HD Sampler" app. The four episodes before this one can still be viewed in 4K on this app.

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I just noticed a change on the "Ultra HD Sampler" app this morning, 4/17/17, and it is for the worse.


One of the 5 tv shows was removed. Now there are only 16 watchable episodes on 4 shows left.


The app evidently is just here for them to claim some 4K on their cable system. Sort of like the one car available at low price quoted on car commercials.

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Problem Solver

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There was another episode of Superstore today. I have come to the conclusion that Comcast would release older episodes if they had rights to them.


By know they would have fixed the problem if it was only a coding problem. I guess we just have to monitor the app to see what happens from now on.