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Supergirl 315 is HD-only

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Supergirl 315 is HD-only

Please alert the fine folks at The CW that Supergirl 315 SD version is missing. HD is there. Only aired 10 days ago (Apr 23rd).
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Re: Supergirl 315 is HD-only

Here we are, 2 and a half business days later, plus a weekend, and this seemingly simple problem is not fixed. And when they posted episode 317 overnight, they removed episode 316, both SD and HD.
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Re: Supergirl 315 is HD-only, missing 316 too

What do the folks at CW tell Comcast’s on-Demand team? I was clearly wrong in my original post describing the CW as ‘fine’ - obviously they currently suffer from some unknown malady. Can Comcast aid them in some technical way? Should the rest of us chip in for a card or flowers? Regardless, please send them our best wishes in hopes of their recovery. Thoughts and prayers...
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Re: Supergirl 315 is HD-only, missing 316 too

Supergirl 315 SD remains missing.

Yes, they did add 316 and 318 overnight, miraculously managing to keep 317 in the process. And 314 is there too. They must be blind, what else can explain it?
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Re: Supergirl 315 is HD-only, missing 316 too

My guess is that someone ujploads an episode, checks to see that the HD is OK, but forgets to check the SD.

This same problems seems to happen fairly often and on different shows and networks.

Sometimes they seem to catch it when the next episode is uploaded, but it has obviously not been caught here; 315:SD has been missing for several weeks now.

Problem Solver

Re: Supergirl 315 is HD-only, missing 316 too

I agree that that is one plausible explanation...but only if Comcast has not yet alerted the provider about any given specific missing SD item.

Instead, here, Comcast was alerted quite some time ago, and presuming Comcast was not also derelict, the provider would have known of this specific omission for more than a week now.

Things still don’t add up.
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