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SRM-8001 error messageIt says to unplug the cable and I did that but I still can not watch on DemandNow what?


Also, ever since we've had Comcast, we've had a lot of troubleWe also have Gulf Power Good Sense Select energy plan (or did) until last weekThey had to remove the system after 3 yearsThey said (after the 3rd system failure) that we have too much power going to the box outside somehowComcast has also said the same thingI asked them if we needed to call an electrician and he said no that wasn't it.  Gulf Power has a new system coming out in a month or so that runs off of the computer and not the power box or something like that. 


Anyway, I would like to watch On Demand if it's not too much trouble. 



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Attempts to watch an HDTV program via Comcast's "On Demand" service may fail
with an "SRM-8001" error in many Comcast markets.

The text of the error
says that the service is having trouble getting a channel to deliver your

If you run into this error, here's a workaround:

* Attempt
to start your desired On Demand HDTV movie. If it works, then fine. If you get
the SRM-8001 error then immediately use "Exit" to leave On Demand

Re-enter On Demand.

* Select ANY SD movie from the selection of free SD

* Play that movie only until you get past the promo stuff and the
actual movie begins.

* Immediately hit Stop to exit that movie. You will
end up in the On Demand Saved Shows screen showing partially viewed movies still
available for viewing. Your SD movie will be there AND YOUR HD MOVIE AS

* Select the HD movie and Resume playback. It will work!

When the HD movie finishes you will find the HD movie and the SD movie still on
the On Demand Saved Shows screen. To delete the HD movie from this list you must
FIRST delete the SD movie you used above to get around the SRM-8001 error

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I'm not trying to watch HDTV or a movie but just regular On Demand TV.  There's no Promo. 

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your missing the point.  Try to watch something hd and then switch to sd and see if it works.  That was the point of the post.

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wow, really dont want to start a show, then exit, then start another show, then exit, then choose the show I wanted to watch to begin with...ridiculous!! 


is the problem going to be resolved for real????

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I did try the suggestion and it did work. Thank you sir/ma'am. I don't see it as a long term plan. But it's super freaken cold here and this will do till I can swap boxes w/Comcast.