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Problems with X1 platform HD complete with xtreme 105 speed

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I used The supposed Movers edged worry free program to move from Illinois to Florida in July and have nothing but problems. I was a loyal comcast customer for over 5 years before I moved and now I'm questioning keeping the services. When I moved the hd complete wasn't rolled out yet I had xf hd premier with X1 in Illinois and that's what was supposed to be installed in Florida.i had a relative meet the installers at my house so it would be ready when I got here what was installed was 1 stand alone Dvr, 1 anyroom Dvr and 2 hd boxs ..so I had 2 dvrs in 2 different rooms that didnt do anything in the other 2 rooms and my caller id didnt work and my Internet speed was very spotty going from 5m to 60m..no where near 105..I spent 10 to 15 phone calls to get a guy out to fix it he installed the x1 he was laughing at what was installed and said that the modem I had was the wrong one for extreme 105 but he couldnt get me the right one. He told me all my tv serices would be working in 48 to 72 hrs. When i spoke to the woman who set up the installer she recommended I switch from the hd premier to the complete that had just become available because it gave me all the features of the premier and four rooms of X1 instead of 1and some other premium channel's for only $40 dollars more a month which was basically the cost of the 3 rooms of the X1 Box's so I Agreed.Well 5 days later still no on demand still no caller id still no stream pix still no 3d still slow Internet. I call comcast another 10 to 12 times a guy called from Indiana and said he worked on the X1 and HD complete coding and he spent about 2 hours o the phone with me and fixed my caller id fixed my on demand fixed my stream pix and fixed my 3d..he set up for some one to come out to swap out my modem to fix my internet.
Now on wed aug 28 3 comcast techs come to my house to fix my modem...the screw up all my services I lose my caller id my stream pix my on demand and 3d and they end up putting my modem back in because the one they brought with them they took out of a house that was having phone problem's why would they bring a faulty piece of equipment to install at my house? ?....I have tried to call comcast 8 times since they left my house on Wednesday and have been hung up on sent thru the gambit of recycling thru welcome to comcast is the last 4 digits of your service number ****.I am really at the end my patience with comcast xfinity whatever you want to call it....I loved the service and customer service in Illinois here in Florida it's liked I'm on a different planet!!!!!!!