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On-Demand doesn't work

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On-Demand doesn't work

I think I must being something wrong. Just started to use my cable box after two weeks being unplugged. Everything works great. Except for On-Demand. When I press the "On-Demand" button on the remote, I get "try again later or call Comcast." When I select On-Demand from the channel guide, I get "press OK to activate service." When I press OK, absolutely nothing happens. 


Chatted twice with Comcast and had a cable box refresh signal sent both times. Both times, technican said everything would be fine in 45 minutes. Neither time were things fine in 45 minutes.


So I sit here and wonder whether I'm doing something wrong.  

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Re: On-Demand doesn't work

I used to get that 45 minute response without success.    Next call, get credited for the day(s) you're not getting what paying for before you start the reboots, etc.    Once they notice you mean business, the problem will magically get fixed. 

I've also found that it's hit or miss on the person answering the call.   The newer ones follow the script to a "T" knowing it's unlikey you'll get them when you call back an hour later.

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Re: On-Demand doesn't work

Have had frequent episodes of getting Error Code 14 when attempting to access On Demand. Have 2 set top boxes, (1) Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2100 and (1) Scientific Atlanta Explorer 2200. All worked well until system upgrade done earlier this year. In the beginning, a quick reset was done by disconnecting the power supply to the set top box and waiting the variable length of time as noted by the Comcast Customer Service representative (time changes with each rep). Now, the more recent episodes are unable to be corrected by the CSR and require a service technician to come to the house. All regular channels were fully accessible and the only problem was with On Demand. The last technician said they were aware of the problem with Error Code 14, but were still working on correcting the problem. The inside wiring in my home was replaced in an effort to correct the signal strength, as the coax cable I had was not rated as quad cable. An internal splitter I had was also removed and all new wiring and connections were installed in an attempt to increase the signal, along with all new exterior connections and wiring. All seemed to be working for approximately 6 weeks and it happened again 4 days ago. Went through the obligatory disconnects and reboots and had the CSR send multiple signals in an attempt to reconnect to On Demand, all to no avail. Made another appointment to have service technician come out to the house. But while waiting to set up the service appointment, the Comcast CSR had the audacity to ask "I notice you only have digital cable service with Comcast. Can I interest you in our "Triple Play Package". I told him that if they can't fix the On Demand problem, what would make him think that I would want additional services from Comcast. I inquired since the On Demand service is unavailable, and that I'm paying for a service that I can't access, what was Comcast going to do for me. The CSR's reply was that if the problem was not resolved by the service technician, I was to call back and "we'd work something out". Set up the service appointment and will see if this issue finally gets resolved or if not, will  request this matter be "bumped" up to Comcast Customer Cares Team for resolution or disconnect of service.

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Re: On-Demand doesn't work

See this thread, there are multiple solutions to this issue.  This issue seems to only exist in the SA Cisco market after the change to the new software.





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