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NBA League Pass 2017-2018

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NBA League Pass 2017-2018

Today is 10-18-2017
I have Comcast X1 Service
I purchased the nba League Pass 2 days ago one payment of $199.99 .
I come home when the nba League Pass games should be playing on nba League Pass application!
The application tells me to subscribe for 4 monthly payments I click agree figuring I already purchased this & if they double whammy this I will show prove thru my bank account etc . Etc

So I called Comcast got transferred x9 times told my story so many times verify my age address & so forth.

Someone please help!!!! I love NBA League Pass I had it thru dish network 14 Years straight!

Please help
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Re: NBA League Pass 2017-2018

Having the same problem this year. Every year it’s sometbing with League Pass. I’ve cancelled a couple of times. I should have leaned my lesson. HELP!!!
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Re: NBA League Pass 2017-2018

I will be watching to see if you get an answer. I have also posted this same question. Calling Comcast is like talking to a bag of rocks, and the rocks are smarter. I also emailed the NBA Laegue Pass and told them not to care their product with another company who doesn't know anything or care about those who wish to purchase their product. You would think I would have learned by now but I keep trying to get this to work on my own. All I want to do is watch the game I WANT TO WATCH on my TV. 

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Re: NBA League Pass 2017-2018

so after 2 weeks comcast said that their high quality engineers will work on my ticket number and i should get a call back. 


two weeks past no answer or call. i call comcast told them whats the verdict, they said the ticket number been closed and the issue has been resolve. and unforantly we are unable to provide nba league pass in your area. you can call nba .com and send them another $200 to pay for itthere and stream it. I ask okay will why hasn't no1 give me a call about it? i ask if i could have my money back to be back on my bank account they said im sorry we can't do that . it will be credit to your comcast account we can't credit back to your credit or debit card.  


And nowit's been two months and my comcast account is sky high because they said they haven't recieve any payment from me. and i told them my story and there like oh wow yeah im seeing your credit bill balance is $355.33 and i told them i bought nba league pass you guys didn't offer the service in my area , the lady said it would be credit to my comcast account for credit and now this!!! IM sorry but i do show a bill balance of... and they just repeat til i obey but i don't til they transfer me again x7 til someone from their actually know whats going on. !! 

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