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Latest episodes on demand NOT available timely in Tucson

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This happened earlier this year and it appears to be happening again.  We watch Dexter and Homeland on Showtime - usually on demand and usually a few days after the original broadcast.  Last night (Wed. 11/16) we found up to and including episode 7 of Dexter but only up to episode 6 of Homeland.  I contacted Support and the first thing I asked was for the rep to bring up Homeland in his on demand listing and what episode is the latest.  He had 7.  We had 6 so we were not able to get caught up.  The rep told me that he had received some calls from Utah regarding a similar delay but I was the first from Arizona.  From what I learned earlier in the year and last night, there is apparently a distribution system that takes the content at a central location and disseminates it to regional data centers which make it available to on demand users in that area.  When this works as expected, with new episodes showing up the day after first airing, the feature is great.  When it breaks, we really feel stuck.  We have two DVRs but they don't have enough capacity to record all the shows we watch on premium channels JUST IN CASE the on demand fails again.  Very frustrating and disappointing.  I would welcome any replies regarding similar experiences and especially any inside information as to when the on demand infrastructure will be stabilized so that this doesn't happen any more.

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I'm in South Central PA and this has been a problem for almost a month now.  Comcast will tell you that it is up to the Network to release the episodes...which I understand if it's just a show here or there - but NONE of the shows regardless which network are updating.  I wanted to catch up on Survivor, but it's 3 episodes behind.  American Horror Story is 3 episodes behind...no one seems to care.

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This has been going on for at least 2 months in my area (Comcast Montgomery County MD).  If I did my job this way, I'd be fired!




7 episodes have aired of Around the World in 80 Ways.  Only Episodes 3-5 are on demand. 


Though the season has ended, Project Runway was updated regularly until the finale.  The finale was never added, but the finale aftershow was.  I made several attempts to get it added and no one responded (even when I had a direct contact to deal with through email).


There are always differences in the content added for standard def vs. HD. 


Constant skipped episodes (i.e., for SD you'll get Episodes 14, 16, and 17, but HD customers will get Episodes 14-17.). 


This is extremely frustrating, but it makes me laugh when I get a dozen mail solicitations a month from Comcast wanting more of my business -- it goes directly in the trash.  I'm waiting for them to provide the service I'm paying for first.